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Apariţie: Mai 2004
» Translaţii între modelele bazate pe sisteme cu tranziţii

» Lucian Luca

The actual study presents, starting from the results obtained in [SNW94], the formal relations between the different concurrent models, studied by the theory of categories. There are studied the models based on transition systems, expanding the study on the asynchronous transition systems, on the concurrent transition systems, on the trace automata, on the transition systems with independence and on the Petri nets. There are defined the morphism which structure the models, forming categories.

7 - 20

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» Asupra relaţiilor şi modelelor comportamentale în teoria sistemelor concurente

» Lucian Luca

The behaviour models provide a suitable base for explaining the behaviour of the systems in time, being useful for modelling the future behaviour of a system. The study, starting from those remarks, presents the way in which there can be algebraically structured the abstract behavioural models, “event structures” and “Mazurkiewicz traces”, endowing them with morphisms.

21 - 34

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» Design of the Computer Numerical Control program using AutoLISP and AutoCAD2000’s two-dimensional polyline vertexes

» Virgiliu Streian

Lucrarea prezintă o metodă de proiectare a programelor pentru maşini cu comandă numerică utilizând mediul de proiectare asistată de calculator AutoCAD 2000. Sunt descrise principiile de proiectare a unui postprocesor, instrucţiunile G-Code utilizate de o maşină cu comandă numerică, precum şi un program AutoLISP de conversie a unui desen AutoCAD 2000 în instrucţiuni G-Code.

35 - 50

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» Improvement of Time Constants Method for Hazard Analysis

» Mihai Timiş and Nicu Galupa

In this paper we consider the problem of hazard in digital equential structures. First we define a method (based on the time onstants method) to thoroughly analyze the possibility of hazardous functioning for a combinatorial structure. We shall also prove that this new approach is of higher quality than the classical method by pointing out hazards that the time constants method does not find. Secondly we apply this method for the analysis of hazard in the combinatorial structures that implement the input and output group of functions in an automaton. So we find out where and when the input combinatorial structure generates hazard and more important we find out the moment of time when the outputs of this structure are stabilized to the correct value. That means that for each state of the automaton we shall find out the minimum amount of time after which we can force the evolution of the automaton towards the next correct state. That information proves to have tremendous importance in improving the overall speed of the automaton.

51 - 59

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» Asupra circulaţiei informaţiei Doppler într-un sistem de telemetrie Doppler cu referenţial fix activ

» Dan Gh. T. Popa

In this paper a technical solution for the Doppler telemetry sistem with active fixed referential is presented for motion estimation of a mobile with low moving-speed. The functioning of this system and the checking of the correctness of the technical solution chosen is made by the detailed signal analysis. This indicates the Doppler information circulation from the source up to the extraction of the two Doppler signals that indicates the motion’s sense for the mobile, respectively, its moving-speed.

60 - 71

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» Algoritmi genetici

» Claudia Mihaela Mark

In this thesis is presented the main directions regarding evolutive algorithms, especially genetic algorithms. The practical application of these algorithms are many and they are more and more used in a various domains, like plane wing design or orbital space stations design. The power of genetical algorithms come from their implementation simplicity and form the fact that they always give good results, even if by using this algorithms we can not always give a global result.

72 - 89

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» Istoric, tendinţe şi perspective în evolutia microprocesoarelor

» Claudia Mihaela Mark

In these thesis is presented the performance of the micrcontrollers on a exponential time frame of 30 years starting with their creation, it is to be observed that the miniaturization and the evolution of technology has contributed a lot to these amassing development. Also, the growth is coming to an end, due to physical barriers. At the end of the thesis are presented some of the possible future technology that will be in the next level of microcontrollers.

90 - 112

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» Prelucrarea imaginilor în Java

» Dan Laurenţiu Lacrămă and I. Şnep

This paper is focused on Image processing algorithms implementation in Java. Practical solutions are proposed in order to preserve application modularity, thus new algorithms can be implemented using the same basic frame.

113 - 119

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» Recunoaşterea texturilor cu ajutorul reţelelor neuronale RBF

» Dan Laurenţiu Lacrămă

This paper is concerned wiyh the use of RBF Neural Networks in texture recognition. The network is build using the Dynamic Decay Algorithm in order to establish the RBF neurons centers. The basic software and interfaces implemantation is done in C++.

120 - 128

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» MATLAB Software for Speech Analysis and Coding Demonstration

» Cornel Balint

A set of MATLAB routines was developed in order to perform a speech signal analysis and coding this signal using some standardized speech coding algorithms such as FS-1015 LPC-10e, FS- 1016 CELP, ETSI GSM. The simulation software provides an interactive environment that display time- and frequency-domain representations of input signal and reconstructed speech on an IBM PC compatible equipped with a standard sound card.

129 - 136

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» Varible Low Bit Rate CELP Speech Coder

» Cornel Balint

The paper presents a variable low bit rate CELP (Code Excited Linear Prediction) speech coder. The coder combine three different coding structures selected in accordance with short time speech characteristics. In order to select a adequate coder structure, the input speech is classified in three categories: non-speech, non-voiced speech and voiced speech. A speech-non-speech classification method using spectrum envelope variation vas developed in orders to reduce the influence of environmental noise. For each category, an appropriate coding method was selected. The proposed coder is a classical CELP coder, adapted to the input speech at every speech frame. The average bit rate is approximately 2,5 kbps, depending of the activity of speech source.

137 - 142

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» Sistem expert pentru testarea cunoştinţelor folosind teste grilă

» Tiberiu-Marius Karnyanszky

Durring a course attend, the students accumulates a part of the transmitted knowledge. While examining, the teacher must decide how much of these knowledge is fixed on. The evaluating methods are diverse – we are presenting the grid-test and a computer-based algorithm, used to evaluate the level of student’s understanding on the memorised data.

143 - 151

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» Contribuţii la elaborarea unui model matematic al procesului de eroziune electrică complexă

» Tiberiu-Marius Karnyanszky

The complete determination of the mathematical model of the complex electric erosion process is very complicated; the most obvious proof is that the model isn’t created even many years of experiences are passed. A large number of experiences, with conclusive results, will offer the starting point to obtain a set of influence relations. The development of the mathematical models for this processing operation will improve the results of the process and a better acceptance of this unconventional method.

152 - 164

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» Ciclurile de creştere economică ale lui Duesenberry-Pasinetti

» Liana Pater

The principle of the multiplier is that if invesment increases, there will be an increase in output as a result of a „multiplier” relationship. The principle of the accelerator is that investment decisions are dependent upon expectations of future increases in demand. Thus, the multiplier principle implies that investment increases output whereas the acceleration principle implies that increases in output will themselves induce increases in investment.

165 - 170

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» Construirea modelelor matematice pentru analiza bilanţurilor de materiale şi energii

» Alexandra Fortiş

Some of the most important elements for description and interpretation of engineering problems are materials and energy balance. In this paper we will present the basic skills for constructing materials and energy balances, using as a starting point the conservation laws of physics. There will be pointed out the main aspects of this kind of mathematical models.

171 - 177

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» Data Warehouse

» Maria Deac

“A data warehouse is a subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant and nonvolatile collection of data in support of management's decision making process.” The following article contains a presentation of the Data Warehousing concept and an exemplification of a data warehouse throughout two special programs – DB2 Warehouse Manager and Red Brick Warehouse Manager.

178 - 183

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» Radioul în Internet

» Konrad V. Pfaff

The Internet’s impact on broadcasters has changed from its initial position as a site for posting broadcasting information to its emergence as a valuable additional medium to reach new customers through streaming audio and new interactive concepts. Unfortunately the Web is still very narrow which means that high sophisticated compression techniques have to be applied to the audio signal before transmitting via the Internet. A subjective audio quality assessment method is presented and a survey of some romanian broadcasters that provide audio streams on Internet was made.

184 - 199

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» Algoritmul de relaxare Agmon-Motzkin-Schoenberg

» Ştefan Măruşter and Ioan Anton

The Agmon-Motzkin-Schoenberg relaxation algorithm is considered for a linear system of equations in two dimensions. The central point of the paper is a programm which allow the visualization of succesive steps of algorithm. Also this program gives the posibility to investigate some properties of the algorithm concerning the rate of convergence, the study of relaxation parameter, and others, and the investigation of the improvement of algorithm.

200 - 203

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» Consideraţii privind aproximarea calculelor în informatica numerică

» Diana Sophia Codaţ

Le calcul numérique a pris naissance bien avant l'apparition des ordinateurs. Les scientifiques se sont trouvés amenés depuis toujours a essayer d'évaluer, de chiffrer des effets, a tester les modeles qu'ils ou elles avaient élaborés pour rendre compte de phénomenes observés. Aussi, un grand nombre de méthodes d'évaluation de fonctions, d'intégrales, de résolution d'équations, ... ont été mises au point il y a longtemps. Le développement des ordinateurs a provoqué une véritable explosion dans leur emploi en meme temps qu'ont vu le jour des algorithmes de plus en plus performants.

204 - 210

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» Analiza influenţei condiţiilor iniţiale asupra soluţiilor ecuaţiilor diferenţiale cu derivate parţiale, de tip parabolic

» Sterie Ştefan and Amado Ştefan

In this paper is analysed influence of the initial condition for parabolic partial differential equation with u(x,t) solution. Initial condition u(x,0) = f(x) is analysed for three function f1(x) = 10 , f2(x) = 10*sin(kx) and f3(x) = 10*x(x+p).

211 - 219

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» Studiu asupra câmpului de temperaturi într-o incintă electronică

» Amado Ştefan

In this paper is analysis the influence of electronic components position above the thermal distribution in a electronic enclosure.

220 - 225

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» Codarea imaginilor bazata pe regiuni, pentru aplicaţii multimedia

» Florin Alexa

Region based video coding has been a very active research area over the last few years. It has been viewed as a potential an alternative to traditional schemes suffering from the “blockiness” at very low bit rates. The success of region based techniques relies on the ability to describe regions in an image succinctly by their shape and sizes. In this paper we present a new approach to region based image coding. It is based by incorporation the knowledge of the border in image segmentation and exploits temporal redundancies between successive images.

226 - 237

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» Niveluri lexicale în limbajul de specialitate al calculatoarelor - Studiu comparativ

» Ioana Iacob

238 - 244

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