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Apariţie: Mai 2009
» The Usefulness of Multilevel Hash Tables with Multiple Hash Functions in Large Databases

» A.T. Akinwale and F.T. Ibharalu

In this work, attempt is made to select three good hash functions which uniformly distribute hash values that permute their internal states and allow the input bits to generate different output bits. These functions are used in different levels of hash tables that are coded in Java Programming Language and a quite number of data records serve as primary data for testing the performances. The result shows that the two-level hash tables with three different hash functions give a superior performance over one-level hash table with two hash functions or zero-level hash table with one function in term of reducing the conflict keys and quick lookup for a particular element. The result assists to reduce the complexity of join operation in query language from O( n2 ) to O( 1 ) by placing larger query result, if any, in multilevel hash tables with multiple hash functions and generate shorter query result.

11 - 20

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» Multimedia Application for Solving a Sudoku Game

» Alasu Paul Sabrin

This article explains the way in which, with the help of Action Script 3 in combination with Flash, a method of solving Sudoku game was implemented, through searching for the certain numbers and after that trying to guess for the squares where there are two possible numbers.

21 - 30

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» Development and Optimization of a Multimedia Product

» Cristian Anghel, Vlad Muia and Miodrag Stoianovici

This article presents a new concept of a multimedia interactive product. It is a multiuser versatile platform that can be used for different purposes. The first implementation of the platform is a multiplayer game called Texas Hold ’em, which is a very popular community card game. The paper shows the product’s multimedia structure where Hardware and Software work.

31 - 36

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» Mathematical Models in Danube Water Quality

» Valerian Antohe and Constantin Stanciu

The mathematical shaping in the study of water quality has become a branch of environmental engineering. The comprehension and effective application of mathematical models in studying environmental phenomena keep up with the results in the domain of mathematics and the development of specialized software as well. Integrated software programs simulate and predict extreme events, propose solutions, analyzing and processing data in due time. This paper presents a browsing through some mathematical categories of processing the statistical data, examples and their analysis concerning the degree of water pollution downstream the river Danube.

37 - 46

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» Limits of Educational Soft “GeoGebra” in a Critical Constructive Review

» Valerian Antohe

Mathematical educational soft explore, investigating in a dynamical way, some algebraically, geometrically problems, the expected results being used to involve a lot of mathematical results. One such software soft is GeoGebra. The software is free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for learning and teaching, awards in Europe and the USA. This paper describes some critical but constructive investigation using the platform for graph functions and dynamic geometry.

47 - 54

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» Proposition d’une méthode de qualification et de sélection d’un logiciel d’analyse et de suivi du référencement dans les moteurs de recherche

» Sébastien Bruyère, Vincent Pillet and Luc Quoniam

In order to measure website visibility in search engines, there are softwares for analytics and referencing follow-up. They permit to quantify website's efficacity of referencing and optimize its positionning in search engines. With regard to search engines' algorithms' evolution and centralization of Key Performance Indicators for Marketing decision making, it becomes hard to find solutions to effectively lead a lot of projects for referencing. That's why we have built a methodology in order compare, evaluate and choose a software for analytics and referencing follow-up in search engines.

55 - 64

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» Massive Data Set of Fortran77 Use Other Software

» Petre Bucur

Lucrarea se referă la unele aspecte ale folosirii masivelor de date rezultate la rularea unui program în Fortran 77. Se caută găsirea unor căi de acces a datelor spre alte medii de programare, versatile, fără dificultăţi în utilizare.

65 - 70

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» Iterative Methods for Systems’ Solving - a C# approach

» Claudiu Chirilov

This work wishes to support various mathematical issues concerning the iterative methods with the help of new programming languages. We consider a way to show how problems in math have an answer by using different academic resources and different thoughts. Here we treat methods like Gauss-Seidel’s, Cramer’s and Gauss-Jordan’s.

71 - 78

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» Considerations on Construction Ontologies

» Alexandru Cicortaş, Victoria Stana Iordan and Alexandra Emilia Fortiş

The paper proposes an analysis on some existent ontologies, in order to point out ways to resolve semantic heterogeneity in information systems. Authors are highlighting the tasks in a Knowledge Acquisiton System and identifying aspects related to the addition of new information to an intelligent system. A solution is proposed, as a combination of ontology reasoning services and natural languages generation. A multi-agent system will be conceived with an extractor agent, a reasoner agent and a competence management agent.

79 - 88

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» XML Technologies in Computer Assisted Learning and Testing Systems

» Adrian Cojocariu and Cristina Ofelia Stanciu

The learning and assessment activities have undergone major changes due to the development of modern technologies. The computer-assisted learning and testing has proven a number of advantages in the development of modern educational system. The paper suggests a solution for the computer-assisted testing, which uses XML technologies, a solution that could make the basis for developing a learning computer-assisted system.

89 - 94

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» Techniques for Securing Data Exchange between a Database Server and a Client Program

» Ovidiu Crista

The goal of the presented work is to illustrate a method by which the data exchange between a standalone computer software and a shared database server can be protected of unauthorized interceptation of the traffic in Internet network, a transport network for data managed by those two systems, interceptation by which an attacker could gain illegetimate access to the database, threatening this way the data integrity and compromising the database.

95 - 100

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» On Deducible Information Flow in Synchronous Models

» Cătălin Dima, Constantin Enea and Radu Gramatovici

We revisit the synchronous model of Wittbold and Johnson of information flow, by investigating the relationship between two notions of information flow: a notion based on counting differently-observable high-level strategies and a notion based on the deductions that the low-level user makes on high-level activity while observing system behavior. We then relate our results to some known models of information flow: we show that bisimulation-based equivalence checking is too strong, since it labels variations in the observation due to system nondeterminism as information flow.We also show that a synchronous, trace-based statement of Generalized Noninterference does not properly capture information flow either. Finally we give a decision procedure for detecting information flow for finitestate systems.

101 - 124

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» Designing a Framework to Develop WEB Graphical Interfaces for ORACLE Databases - Web Dialog

» Georgiana-Petruţa Fîntîneanu and Florentina Anica Pintea

The present article aims to describe a project consisting in designing a framework of applications used to create graphical interfaces with an Oracle distributed database. The development of the project supposed the use of the latest technologies: database Oracle server, Tomcat web server, JDBC (Java library used for accessing a database), JSP and Tag Library (for the development of graphical interfaces).

125 - 130

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» Indexing Research Papers in Open Access Databases

» Alexandra-Emilia Fortiş

This paper synthesizes the actions performed in order to transform a classic scientific research journal – “Annals. Computer Science Series” – available only in printed form until 2008, into a modern e-journal with free access to the full text of the articles. For achieving this goal, the research papers have been included in various article databases, portals and library catalogs which offered a high visibility to the journal.

131 - 140

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» The Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Classes for English as a Second Language

» Ioana Iacob

The present study aims to evaluate the efficiency of the computer assisted English classes and to emphasize the necessity of developing sound methodological strategies adjusted to the new technology. It also present the benefits of using the computer in the pre-school and elementary school classes, highlighted by a report on the comparative observation of four groups of children studying English in a computer assisted environment.

141 - 148

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» Athos - The C# GUI Generator

» Daniela Ilea

This application comes to help software architects and developers during the long process between user’s stories, designing the application’s structure and actually coding it.

149 - 156

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» Informatics Issues Used in the Production Dashboard

» Alin Isac and Claudia Isac

The aim of this paper is to present some computer aspects regarding the implementation and the employing of a dashboard in relation to the production activity. The paper begins with the theoretical presentation of the managerial perspective regarding the necessity of using the dashboard. The main functions of the dashboard in the production activity and the way it is employed are presented in the second part of the paper.

157 - 162

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» Derivation of UML Based Performance Models for Design Assessment in a Reuse Based Software Development Approach

» Jasmine K.S. and Dr. R. Vasantha

Reuse-based software development provides an opportunity for better quality and increased productivity in the software products. One of the most critical aspects of the quality of a software system is its performance. The systematic application of software performance engineering techniques throughout the development process can help to identify design alternatives that preserve desirable qualities such as extensibility and reusability while meeting performance objectives. In the present scenario, most of the performance failures are due to a lack of consideration of performance issues early in the development process, especially in the design phase. These performance failures results in damaged customer relations, lost productivity for users, cost overruns due to tuning or redesign, and missed market windows. In this paper, we propose UML based Performance Models for design assessment in a reuse based software development scenario.

163 - 180

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» Computer Based Interpretation of the Students’ Evaluation of the Teaching Staff

» Tiberiu Marius Karnyanszky, Ovidiu Crista and Cătălin Ţuican

The goal of this paper is to offer a full support for universities and quality assessment committees in retrieving the feedback from their students regarding to their teaching staff. The computer based application presented before ([Cri07]) collects data from the students. Another part of the application, presented in this paper, processes this data and presents the statistical results concerning each teacher.

181 - 188

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» Upon the Modeling and the Optimization of the Debiting Process through Computer Aided Non-Conventional Technologies

» Tiberiu Marius Karnyanszky and Mihai Ţîţu

The debiting process of the remarkable properties materials can be managed through unconventional technologies as the complex electrical erosion. We present the modeling of the previous experimental results to obtain a mathematical dependence of the output parameters (processing time, surface quality) on the input parameters (voltage or current). All the experimental data are memorized on a database and for each particular debiting process a new dependence is built. Because all the experiments applied in the Romanian laboratories or practical applications of the nonconventional technological processes in the factories were based on the particular conditions of one activity, this papers presents the technical implementation of a computer-aided solution that keeps all previous experimental data, optimizes the processing conditions and eventual manage the driving gear. The flow-chart we present in this paper offers a solution for practitioners to reduce the electrical consumption while a technological processing of special materials is necessary. The computer program and the database can be easily adapted to any technological processes (conventional or not).

189 - 198

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» Flexible frontiers for text division into rows

» Dan L. Lacrămă and Ioan Şnep

This paper presents an original solution for flexible hand-written text division into rows. Unlike the standard procedure, the proposed method avoids the isolated characters extensions amputation and reduces the recognition error rate in the final stage.

199 - 204

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» Aspects Regarding Operations with Fuzzy Processes

» Lucian Luca and Lucian L. Luca

This paper introduces the notion of fuzzy process as a formalism for the idea of fuzzy contact between a device and its environment. The notions of absolute correctness and relative correctness are defined. In order to work with concurrency it has been built an approach to manipulate the interactive processes as a single process and the resulted behavior has been observed.

205 - 214

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» On Some Manipulations with Fuzzy Processes

» Lucian Luca and Lucian L. Luca

The paper starts from the observation on the complexity of the manipulation of fuzzy processes that increases very rapidly with the extents of the processes representation. Therefore, a productive approach is to divide the problem into smaller parts, treated separately and then the results combined. Some algebraic results obtained by the authors are presented.

215 - 224

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» On the Convex Feasibility Problem

» Laura Măruşter and Ştefan Măruşter

The convergence of the projection algorithm for solving the convex feasibility problem for a family of closed convex sets, is in connection with the regularity properties of the family. In the paper [18] are pointed out four cases of such a family depending of the two characteristics: the emptiness and boudedness of the intersection of the family. The case four (the interior of the intersection is empty and the intersection itself is bounded) is unsolved. In this paper we give a (partial) answer for the case four: in the case of two closed convex sets in ℝ3 the regularity property holds.

225 - 238

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» A Note on the Stability of Exponential Dichotomy of Linear Differential Equations

» Osvaldo Mendez and Nada al Hanna

We present an elementary Functional Analytic proof of the roughness of Exponential Dichotomy of Ordinary Differential Equations (with exponential growth) on an arbitrary Banach Space.

239 - 248

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» The Morpho-topographic and Cartographic Analysis of the Archaeological Site Corneşti “Iarcuri”, Timiş County, Romania, Using Computer Sciences Methods (GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques)

» Dorel Micle, Marcel Török-Oance and Liviu Măruia

The archaeological site Cornesti “Iarcuri” is the largest earth fortification in Romania, made out of four concentric compounds, spreading over 1780 hectares. It is known since 1700, but it had only a few small attempts of systematic research, the fortress gained interest only after the publishing of some satellite images by Google Earth. It is located in an area of high fields and it occupies three interfluves and contains two streams. Our paper contains a geomorphologic, topographic and cartographic analysis of the site in order to determine the limits, the structure, the morphology, the construction technique and the functionality of such a fortification. Our research is based on satellite image analysis, on archaeological topography, on soil, climate and vegetation analysis as a way to offer a complex image, through this interdisciplinary study of landscape archaeology. Through our work we try not to date the site as this objective will be achieved only after completing the systematic excavations which started in 2007, but only to analyze the co-relationship with the environment.

249 - 262

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» Analyzing of MOS and Codec Selection for Voice over IP Technology

» Mohd Nazri Ismail

In this research, we propose an architectural solution to implement the voice over IP (VoIP) service in campus environment network. Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has become a discussion issue for this time being. Today, the deployment of this technology on an organization truly can give a great financial benefit over traditional telephony. Therefore, this study is to analyze the VoIP Codec selection and investigate the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) performance areas evolved with the quality of service delivered by soft phone and IP phone. This study focuses on quality of voice prediction such as i) accuracy of MOS between automated system and human perception and ii) different types of codec performance measurement via human perception using MOS technique. In this study, network management system (NMS) is used to monitor and capture the performance of VoIP in campus environment. In addition, the most apparent of implementing soft phone and IP phone in campus environment is to define the best codec selection that can be used in operational environment. Based on the finding result, the MOS measurement through automated and manual system is able to predict and evaluate VoIP performance. In addition, based on manual MOS measurement, VoIP conversations over LAN contribute more reliability and availability performance compare to WAN.

263 - 276

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» PayPal in Romania

» Florentina Anica Pintea, Georgiana Petruta Fintineanu and Bogdan Şelariu

The present paper refers to the usefulness of online payment through PayPal and to the development of this payment manner in Romania. PayPal is an example of a payment intermediary service that facilitates worldwide e-commerce.

277 - 284

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» Analyser Framework to Verify Software Components

» Rolf Andreas Rasenack

Today, it is important for software companies to build software systems in a short time-interval, to reduce costs and to have a good market position. Therefore well organized and systematic development approaches are required. Reusing software components, which are well tested, can be a good solution to develop software applications in effective manner. The reuse of software components is less expensive and less time consuming than a development from scratch. But it is dangerous to think that software components can be match together without any problems. Software components itself are well tested, of course, but even if they composed together problems occur. Most problems are based on interaction respectively communication. Avoiding such errors a framework has to be developed for analysing software components. That framework determines the compatibility of corresponding software components. The promising approach discussed here, presents a novel technique for analysing software components by applying an Abstract Syntax Language Tree (ASLT). A supportive environment will be designed that checks the compatibility of black-box software components. This article is concerned to the question how can be coupled software components verified by using an analyzer framework and determines the usage of the ASLT. Black-box Software Components and Abstract Syntax Language Tree are the basis for developing the proposed framework and are discussed here to provide the background knowledge. The practical implementation of this framework is discussed and shows the result by using a test environment.

285 - 304

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» Specific Characteristics of Applying the Paired Comparison Method for Parameterization of Consumer Wants

» Vasiliy Saiko

The article describes the main problems concerned with using expert assessment method in consumer preference researches. The author proved the expediency of using a 3-point measurement scale. The author suggested an algorithm for controlling the judgments’ consistency that includes analyzing and correcting the input estimates in real-time mode.

305 - 314

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» A Partial Order on Bipartite Graphs with n Vertices

» Emil Daniel Schwab

The paper examines a partial order on bipartite graphs (X1, X2, E) with n vertices, X1∪X2={1,2,…,n}. The basis of such bipartite graph is X1 = {1,2,…,k}, 0≤k≤n. If U = (X1, X2, E(U)) and V = (Y1,Y2, E(V)) then U≤V iff |X1| ≤ |Y1| and {(i,j)E(U): j>|Y1|} = ={(i,j)E(V):i≤|X1|}. This partial order is a natural partial order of subobjects of an object in a triangular category with bipartite graphs as morphisms.

315 - 324

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» Using Genetic Algorithms for Texts Classification Problems

» A. A. Shumeyko and S. L. Sotnik

The avalanche quantity of the information developed by mankind has led to concept of automation of knowledge extraction – Data Mining ([1]). This direction is connected with a wide spectrum of problems - from recognition of the fuzzy set to creation of search machines. Important component of Data Mining is processing of the text information. Such problems lean on concept of classification and clustering ([2]). Classification consists in definition of an accessory of some element (text) to one of in advance created classes. Clustering means splitting a set of elements (texts) on clusters which quantity are defined by localization of elements of the given set in vicinities of these some natural centers of these clusters. Realization of a problem of classification initially should lean on the given postulates, basic of which – the aprioristic information on primary set of texts and a measure of affinity of elements and classes.

325 - 340

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» Decision Support Systems Architectures

» Cristina Ofelia Stanciu

Lucrarea prezintă principalele componente ale sistemelor de asistare a deciziei, apoi sunt descrise, analizate respectiv comparate trei tipuri de arhitecturi ale acestor sisteme: arhitectura în reţea, arhitectura centralizată şi arhitectura ierarhizată.

341 - 348

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» Web Publishing of the Files Obtained by Flash

» Virgiliu Streian and Adela Ionescu

The aim of this article is to familiarize the user with the Web publishing of the files obtained by Flash. The article contains an overview of MacromediaÒ FlashÔ 5, as well as the running of a Playing Flash movie, information on Flash and Generator, the publishing of Flash movies, a HTLM publishing for Flash Player files and publishing by Generator templates.

349 - 358

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» PDF/A standard for long term archiving

» Ramona Vasilescu

PDF/A is defined by ISO 19005-1 as a file format based on PDF format. The standard provides a mechanism for representing electronic documents in a way that preserves their visual appearance over time, independent of the tools and systems used for creating or storing the files.

359 - 366

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» Adobe AIR, Bringing Rich Internet Applications to the Desktop

» Valentin Vieriu and Cătălin Ţuican

Rich Internet Applications are the new trend in software development today. Adobe AIR offers the possibility to create cross-platform desktop applications using popular Web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, Flash and Flex. This article is focused on presenting the advantages that this new environment has to offer for the web development community and how quickly you can develop a desktop application using Adobe AIR.

367 - 380

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