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ABIKOYE Christiana Oluwakemi
-Senior Lecturer, Department Of Computer Science, Faculty Of Communication And Information Sciences, University Of Ilorin
-E-mail: kemi_adeoye [@] yahoo [.] com
-Web: http://www.unilorin.edu.ng/
XIV.2-18 (Babatunde Akinbowale Nathaniel, Abikoye Oluwakemi Christiana, Babatunde Ronke Seyi, Kawu R.O.) Handwritten Character Recognition using BrainNet Library

XV.1-13 (Taye Oladele Aro, Bamidele Oluwade, Oluwakemi Abikoye, Amos Bajeh) A 2-Dimensional Gabor-Filters for Face Recognition System: A Survey

XV.1-17 (Oluwakemi Christiana Abikoye, Taye Oladele Aro, Racheal Oyeranti Obisesan, Akinbowale Nathaniel Babatunde) Hybridized Intrusion Detection System using Genetic and Tabu Search Algorithm

XV.2-22 (Abikoye Oluwakemi Christiana, Garba Qudus Adeshola, Akande Noah Oluwatobii) Implementation of Textual Information Encryption using 128, 192 and 256 Bits Advanced Encryption Standard Algorithm

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