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FORTIŞ Alexandra Emilia
-Graduate of the West University of Timişoara, Faculty of Mathematics, Specialization Theoretical Mathematics, 1998
-M.Sc. in Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematics, West University of Timişoara, 2000
-M.Sc. in Food Technologies, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Timişoara, 2001
-Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at the West University of Timişoara
-Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Computers and Applied Computer Scicence, „Tibiscus” University of Timişoara
-E-mail: afortis [@] tibiscus [.] ro
-Web: www.fcia.tibiscus.ro
I.1-15 Construirea modelelor matematice pentru analiza bilanturilor de materiale si energii

I.2-13 Aspecte generale din teoria erorilor

I.2-14 Despre polinoamele lui Cebisev

II.1-09 (Teodor Florin Fortis, Alexandra Fortis) Tehnologii bazate pe XML: parcurgerea documentelor XML folosind PHP

II.1-10 (Teodor Florin Fortis, Alexandra Fortis) Tehnologii bazate pe XML: XML-RPC

II.2-8 (Teodor Florin Fortis, Alexandra Fortis) About Postfix Expressions

II.2-9 (Alexandra Fortis, Teodor Florin Fortis) Visual Methods for Modeling Materials and Energy Balances

III.1-7 (Florin Fortiş, Alexandra Fortiş) Proprietăţi ale familiilor de limbaje contextuale

III.1-8 (Florin Fortiş, Alexandra Fortiş) Relaţia limbajelor contextuale cu concatenare cu alte familii de limbaje contextuale

III.1-9 (Alexandra Fortiş, Florin Fortiş) Corpul rigid liber ca sistem mecanic hamiltonian

IV.1-5 Business Process Modeling Notation-An Overview

IV.1-6 (Florin Teodor Fortiş, Alexandru Cicortaş, Alexandra Emilia Fortiş) Tailored Business Solutions by Workflow Technologies

V.1-2 Analysis of some properties for a basic Petri net model

VI.1-6 (Alexandra Fortiş, Alexandru Cicortaş, Victoria Iordan) Considerations on Resource Usage in Exceptions and Failures in Workflows

VI.1-7 Workflow patterns in processing modeling

VII.1-9 (Alexandru Cicortas, Victoria Stana Iordan, Alexandra Emilia Fortis) Considerations on Construction Ontologies

VII.1-14 Indexing Research Papers in Open Access Databases

IX.2-26 (Alexandra Fortiş, Adriana Bînzar, Cristina Laiu) GeoGebra: Another way of looking at Mathematics

X.2-13 (Tiberiu Marius Karnyanszky, Alexandra Emilia Fortiş) New Mathematical Software Applied to New Technologies

XV.2-19 (Renata-Graziela Boar, Alexandra Fortiș, Alexandru Iovanovici, Horia Ciocârlie) A Spatial Analysis of International World Exchange using Complex Networks Analysis

XVI.3-05 (Alexandra Fortiș, Minerva Patriciu) Integrating Geogebra into Interactive Electronic Books

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