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XI.1-07 (Oana Astrid VATAMANU, Simona APOSTOL, Mihaela IONESCU) Texture Feature Extraction Techniques

XI.1-08 (Mihaela IONESCU, Anca TUDOR, Oana Astrid VATAMANU, Simona APOSTOL, Cristin C. VERE) Detection of Lumen and Intestinal Juices in Wireless Capsule Eendoscopy

XIII.1-08 (Mihaela Ionescu, Adriana Florentina Constantinescu, Alin Gabriel Ionescu, Costin Teodor Streba, Angela Simona Apostol, Otilia Constantina Rogoveanu, Marius Eugen Ciurea, Cristin Constantin Vere) Methods of Diagnosis of Intestinal Polyps with Software Applications in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy

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