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MUNTEANU Alin Daniel
-Graduated of the Faculty of Physics, West University of Timişoara, 1994
-Graduated of the Faculty of Computers and Applied Computer Science, „Tibiscus” University of Timişoara
-Ph.D. in Management and Marketing since 2006
-Associate Professor at the Faculty of Computers and Applied Computer Science, „Tibiscus” University of Timişoara, Romania
-E-mail: a_munteanu [@] yahoo [.] com
-Web: www.fcia.tibiscus.ro
II-1.20 Retele de calculatoare – sistemul Anderson

II-2.15 (Alin Munteanu, Cristina Ofelia Sofran) - Portul USB intre noutate si utilitate

II-2.16 (Alin Munteanu, Cristina Ofelia Sofran) - Sisteme informatice – o privire de ansamblu

III.1-16 (Cristina Ofelia Sofran, Alin Munteanu) - Data Mining for Increasing Economic Analysis Efficiency

III.1-17 (Cristina Ofelia Sofran, Alin Munteanu) - Reasons for Developing the Open Source Software Usage Level

IV.1-14 (Alin Munteanu, Ofelia Cristina Şofran) - Considerations upon Machine Learning Technologies

IV.1-15 (Alin Munteanu, Ofelia Cristina Şofran) - Collaborative Systems and Multiagent Systems

XIII.2-12 The Internet of Things - Business Transformation

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