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POPOOLA Osuolale Peter
-Mathematics and Statistics Department, The Iparapa Polytechnic, Eruwa Oyo State, Nigeria
-E-mail: osuolalepeter [@] yahoo [.] com
XIV.2-14 (Popoola O. P., Oyejola B. A.) Construction of Pairwise Balanced Designs using Lotto Design when λ = 1 and when λ = 2

XV.1-09 (Osuolale Peter Popoola, Adekunle A. Araromi, Adesina A.Rafiu, Mattew T.Odusina) Modelling of Gross Domestic Product of Some Sectors of Nigeria Economy in the Presence of Autocorrelation

XV.1-14 (Osuolale Peter Popoola, Benjamine A. Oyejola, Ayanniyi W. Ayanrinde, Adekunle A.Araromi) Proves of the Existence and Determination of Blocks Size of Pairwise Balanced Designs

XV.1-21 (Osuolale Peter Popoola, Ayanniyi W. Ayanrinde, Adesina A.Rafiu, Matthew T.Odusina) Time Series Analysis to Model and Forecast Inflation Rate in Nigeria

XVI.1-07 (Osuolale Peter Popoola, Omotola Omotayo Dawodu, Olufemi Olusola Yusuf) Quadratic Regression and Factorial Analysis on the Effect of Climatic Elements on Global Food Production and Land Nutrients in Africa

XVI.2-21 (Osuolale Peter Popoola, Nicholas Nsowah Nuamah) New Trends in Modelling Climate Change in the Era of Big Data

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