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TOROK-OANCE Marcel Francisc
-Graduated of the Faculty of Geography, West University of Timişoara, 1998
-Ph.D. in Gemorphology at the Institute of Geography from Bucureşti since 2006
-Assistant Professor at the Department of Geography, West University of Timişoara
-E-mail: torok [@] cbg [.] uvt [.] ro
-Web: http://www.cbg.uvt.ro/geografie/personal/academic/torok/torok.htm
VII.1-26 (Dorel Micle, Marcel Török-Oance, Liviu Măruia) The morpho-topographic and cartographic analysis of the archaeological site Corneşti “Iarcuri”, Timiş County, Romania, using computer sciences methods (GIS and Remote Sensing techniques)

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