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Annals. Computer Science Series
Tome 18, Fasc. 1

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Appearance: June, 2020

Next papers follows the review process for the Journal inclusion:

  • [ARR: 12.04.2019] Tunji S. Ibiyemi, Yakubu A. Ibrahim - Robust Feature-Based Recognition of Printed Comprehensive Hausa Characters
  • [ARR: 06.06.2019] Abidoye A. O., Adewara, A. A. - Testing for Equality of Means with Equal and Unequal Variances
  • [ARR: 10.07.2019] K.A. Muhammed, O. S. Obafemi, I. O. Ajao - Comparison of Forecasting Methods using Nigeria Consumer Price Index Data
  • [ARR: 19.08.2019] Usman, U., Musa, Y., Muhammad, A.B. and Zakari, Y. - On the Burr X Topp Leone Distribution
  • [ARR: 06.09.2019] Mohd. Nazri Ismail, Mohd Afizi Shukran, Mohammad Adib Khairuddin, Mohd Rizal Isa, Mohd Fahmi Amran - Bundle Online System UPNM
  • [ARR: 07.09.2019] T. Moses, H. C. Inyiama - Survey of Big Data Programming Frameworks
  • [ARR: 11.09.2019] Mohd. Nazri Ismail, Mohd Afizi Shukran, Mohammad Adib Khairuddin, Mohd Rizal Isa, Nor Shahriah, Mohd Fahmi Amran, Noor Afiza Mat Razali - Internet of Things (IoT) Technology Literature Review: Case Study of Smart Green House in IoT Environment
  • [ARR: 14.10.2019] Akanmu, T. A., Oladeye, S. F., Atoyebi, J. O., Ojo, D. A. - Development of a Modified First Come First Serve (FCFS) Disk Scheduling Algorithm
  • [ARR: 14.11.2019] Oladotun Olusola Okediran - A Hybrid Cryptosystem and Watermarking for Secure Medical Image Transmission
  • [ARR: 18.11.2019] Olayiwola O. M., Akintunde A. A., Wale-Orojo A. O., Ajibade F. B., Adekpe D. O. - Jackknife Approaches for Improving Data Quality
  • [ARR: 18.11.2019] Olayiwola O. M., Ajayi A. O., Akintunde A. A, Wale-Orojo O. A., Ajibade F. B., Ojelabi O. - Estimationof the Population Mean in the Presence of Measurement and Response Error
  • [ARR: 24.11.2019] Adil Mousa, Tarig M. Elzaki - Triple Laplace Variational Iteration Method for Solving Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
  • [ARR: 24.12.2019] Muhsin Hassanu Saleh, Muhammad Amir Ishaq - Development of Industrial Training Request Portal for Al-Qalam University Katsina
  • [ARR: 27.12.2019] Tola John Odule, Ademola Olusola Adesina - A Method for Enhancing Data Storage Security and Confidentiality in the Cloud
  • [ARR: 09.01.2020] Oyewole, O.; Agunbiade, D.A. - Regression Techniques in the Presence of Multicollinearity and Autocorrelation Phenomena: Monte Carlo Approach
  • [ARR: 09.01.2020] Oyedeji, Marufat Bukola - A Time Series Modelling of Environmental Degradation as its Affects Mortality
  • [ARR: 09.01.2020] Oyedeji, Marufat Bukola - Analysis of Family Planning as a Predictor of Women Lifespan
  • [ARR: 09.01.2020] K.A Muhammed, L. Adebara, I.O.Ajao - Modification of Ratio Type Estimator for Population Mean
  • [ARR: 15.01.2020] Hammed, M.; Adeboye N. O. - Preventing Shoulder Surfing Attack in Graphical Password Authentication Scheme
  • [ARR: 16.01.2020] Hammed, M.; Adeboye N. O. - Preventing Shoulder Surfing Attack in Graphical Password Authentication Scheme
  • [ARR: 20.01.2020] Oladuti O. M., Abiodun A. A., Oyejola B. A. - Handling Ties in Survival Time Data with Competing Risk: A Simulation Study
  • [ARR: 20.01.2020] Olubimpe M. Oladuti - Modelling the Fetus Mortality due to Abortion among Nigeria Women: A Binary Response Analysis
  • [ARR: 22.01.2020] Bukola Badeji-Ajisafe - Global Stability of Lymphatic Filariasis in Ekiti State Nigeria
  • [ARR: 23.01.2020] Ndunagu J. N., Chuks-Ugochukwu Chinenye M. - Design and Implementation of an Improved Realtime Food and Drug Authenticating and Interacting System (A Case Study of NAFDAC)
  • [ARR: 24.01.2020] Taofeek-Ibrahim Fatimoh Abidemi, Toye Nike Toyin - Feature Extraction Techniques for SMS Spam Detection: Review

    Next papers follows the Journal publication process:

    » Computing Fourier Integral using Matlab

    » A. R.Tasiu and H. Usman


    This work studies the computation of Fourier integral using Matlab software. The expressions obtained were computed in Matlab using ezplot command. The plots in line and contour form were presented. From the outcome of the result it was observed that the functions increase with increasing values of π.


    Fourier integral, matlab.

    » Received: 16 December 2019
    » Accepted: 31 December 2019

    9 - .

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