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Annals. Computer Science Series
Tome 15, Fasc. 2

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Appearance: December, 2017

Next papers follows the review process for the Journal inclusion:

  • Fashoto, S.G., Uzoka, F.M.E., Ameen, A.O., Mabayoje, M.A. - Development of e-wallet system for Tertiary institution in a Developing country
  • Le Trung Hieu - Integrating Science in Mathematics Teaching in Vietnamese Elementary Schools
  • Akomolafe Rufus Ojo Zaccheaus, Victor O. Popoola - Banking Sector Reforms, Credit Supply And Financial Performance In Deposit Money Banks In Nigeria (2000 – 2016)
  • Abdul Orunsolu - A Smart phone-based Phishing Detector app for Electronic mails
  • Trinh Thanh Hai, Tran Trung Tinh - Building Capacity Framework of Mathematics Teacher in assessment of High School Students in Vietnam
  • Zakir Hussain, Syed Raziuddin - Completely Informed Artificial Bee Colony for Dynamic Problems and Optimal Sensor Placement
  • Paridhi Singh, Prapti Goyal,Varun S Gajendragadkar, Sayantan Pal, Vignesh S, Supreeta Balasubramanian, Sanjiban Sekhar Roy - Model analysis on Job Shop Scheduling in automobile industry using Ant Colony Optimization and Particle Swarm Optimization
  • Abba Almu, Aminu Bui Muhammad - Image-Based Processing of Naira Currency Recognition
  • Abhinaw Anand, Dr. Sumathy Eswaran - A Survey of Open Source Learning Management Systems
  • Yakubu A. Ibrahim, Juliet C. Odiketa, Tunji S. Ibiyemi - Preprocessing Technique in Automatic Speech Recognition for Human Computer Interaction: An Overview
  • Hambali Moshood Abiola, Akinyemi Adesina A. , Luka Joy D. - Expert System For Lassa Fever Diagnosis Using Rule Based Approach
  • Tran Viet Cuong, Le Hong Quang - Teaching Mathematical Modelling: Connecting To Classroom And Practice
  • Saheed Y.K., Arowolo M.O., Ibrahim S.A. - Artificial Neural Network For Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  • Tauseef Jamal, Shariq Aziz Butt - Cooperative Cloudlet for Pervasive Networks
  • Tauseef Jamal, Shariq Aziz Butt - Study of Blackhole attack in AODV
  • Tauseef Jamal, Shariq Aziz Butt - LEACH Enhancement for Military Security Operations
  • Osuolale Peter Popoola, Ayanniyi W. Ayanrinde, Adesina A.Rafiu, Adekunle A.Araromi - Time Series Analysis to Model and Forecast Inflation Rate in Nigeria
  • Damilola, N. Ajobiewe, R. O. Oladele - Contemporary Issues in Cognitive Radio Network
  • Moses Timothy, Odey Adinye John, Okwori Anthony Okpe - An Enhanced Round Robin Virtual Machine Load Balancer for Cloud Infrastructure
  • Saheed Y.K., Gbolagade K.A. - Efficient RSA Cryptosystem Decryption Based on Chinese Remainder Theorem And Strong Prime
  • Yakubu A. Ibrahim, Tunji S. Ibiyemi - A Comparative Survey of DTW And HMM using Hausa Isolated Digits Recognition in Human Computer Interaction System
  • Muhammad Farooq, Waqas Mehmood - Web 3.0 for E-Commerce Portal
  • Abimbola Akintola, Tunji Ibiyemi - Machine To Man Communication In Yoruba Language
  • Nacer Ghadbane - A Construction and Representation of some Variable Length Codes
  • E. O. Ogunjobi, D. A. Agunbiade, O. A. Ayansola - Comparative Analysis of the Efficiencies on Methods of Handling Multicollinearity in Regression Analysis
  • D. A. Agunbiade, S. O. Folorunso, K-K. A. Abdullah, P. I. Ogunyinka - Two-Phase Sampling for Stratification: Application to Software Industry
  • A. Audu, A. A. Adewara - Efficiency Of Audu & Adewara (2017) Two-Phase Factor-Type Estimators With Two Auxiliary Variables In Sample Survey
  • Fashoto, SG, Ogunleye, GO, Adabara, I. - Evaluation of Network and Systems Security using Penetration Testing in a Simulation Environment
  • Taye T. Alawode, Kehinde O. Alawode - Structural Elucidation of Guaiane Sesquiterpenes from 13C Data using Generalized Regression Neural Network (GRNN) and Scatter Plots Methods
  • G. Ojemeri, S. Abdulsalam, J. F. Yayock - Mathematical Modeling of Radiative Heat Source and Magnetic Field Effects on Free Convection Flow Embedded in a Moving Vertical Permeable Plate in the Presence of Porous Medium
  • Y.K. Saheed, K. A. Gbolagade - Chinese Remainder Theorem Based Domain Name Security System

    » An Algorithm for Constructing Orthogonal Array Latin Hypercube Designs using Hadamard Matrices of Orders 4λ and 8λ

    » Kazeem A. Osuolale, Babatunde L. Adeleke and Waheed B. Yahya


    Orthogonal array Latin hypercube designs have become popular in practice among strategies used for developing computer experiments. Hadamard matrices have been used to construct orthogonal arrays based on the connection between Hadamard matrices and orthogonal arrays (OAs). A Hadamard matrix is a square matrix of +1 and -1 whose rows are orthogonal. This study aimed at proposing an enhanced algorithm that employed the maximin criterion in the k-Nearest Neighbour with Euclidean distance for constructing optimal space-filling design called Orthogonal Array Latin Hypercube Design (OALHD). Orthogonal arrays (OAs) were constructed from Hadamard matrices of orders 4λ and 8λ which are subsequently used to construct the desired OALHD. The Orthogonal array (n, k) Latin hypercube designs were constructed at parameter values of OA (n, k, s, t, λ) = (8, 7, 2, 2, 2) and (16, 8, 2, 3, 2). The OA (8, 7) LHD and OA (16,8) LHD constructed have better space-filling properties and they achieve uniformity in each dimension. MATLAB 2015 computer package was used for the development of the algorithm that constructs the OALHDs.


    Computer experiments, Hadamard matrices, Latin hypercube designs, Orthogonal array, Space-filling designs.

    » Received: 20 November 2016
    » Accepted: 21 July 2017

    9 - 18

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