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Apariţie: Mai 2004
» Design and training of codebook for CELP coder

» Cornel Balint

The technique of Code Excited Linear Prediction (CELP) developed in the last years are used in voice coding system that provide a good quality at low and very low bit rate. CELP schemes with trained excitation codebook are able to accurate reproduce more complex waveform than stochastic CELP schemes. The vectors of the excitation codebook are adapted to a training speech sequence using an iterative algorithm. Comparative listening test with CELP that use stochastic codebook have shown quality improvements in objective SNR and subjective listening test, concerning transition region between unvoiced and voiced signals.

7 - 10

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» An Improved LBG Algorithm for Vector Quantization

» Cornel Balint

Vector quantization cover several fields such audio and video compression. This paper present a new method for the codebook generation, based of the classical LBG algorithm. A measure of utility for each code vector is used in order to improvement the codebook. This improvement tries to solve the problem of the local minima in a suboptimal codebook design due to an inadequate choice of the initial random codebook. Experiments with artificial data and with speech signals demonstrate improvements in terms of RMSE with no essential higher computational cost.

11 - 18

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» Tehnologia ADO in mediul Borland Delphi

» Corneliu V. Bogdan and Dan L. Lacrama

This article focused on the use of the ADO technology in Borland Delphy for connecting a wide range of data sources in Windows and Linux. The set of ADO interfaces is presented in order to draw a complete image of their utility in different applications.

19 - 27

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» Modelarea jetului liber axial simetric stationar

» Gheorghe Caunei–Florescu and Amado Stefan

The paper present mathematical base of axial–symetrical compressed air jet and its modeling motion in free atmosphere. Is obtein the radial distribution for velocity and temperature at different distance at the exit section of the nozzle.

28 - 34

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» Les technologies d’information et de communication et le paradoxe de la productivite

» Diana Sophia Codat

L’évolution spectaculaire des technologies de l’information et de la communication ouvre des perspectives de croissance et de compétitivité tres importantes pour l’ensemble de l’économie; elles ont une forte incidence sur la croissance et la structure de la production, sur les métiers et l'emploi ainsi que sur la façon dont les gens gerent leur temps. En plus, l'introduction de TIC aura toujours d'importants effets sociaux et organisationnels. Plus les changements seront grands, plus il sera nécessaire de gérer l'interface entre les caractéristiques de cette technologie et les caractéristiques de la vie organisationnelle. En ce qui concerne l’effet de TIC sur l’économie il y a plusieurs opinions.

35 - 42

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» Interactiunea dintre PHP si JavaScript

» Maria Deac

This article focused on the interaction between PHP and JavaScript. PHP and JavaScript can be used to solve common problems, such as validating forms input, and can also be used to create dramatic and visually appealing content, which would be impossible with HTML.

43 - 49

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» Transmiterea variabilelor globale intr-o aplicatie PHP folosind cod JavaScript

» Maria Deac

This article focused on the interaction between PHP and JavaScript, on the idea that the global variables transmission in PHP script can be made also with JavaScript code. The fact that PHP and JavaScript languages can interact offers the possibility to create dynamic Web pages, meaning to expose in page the results in a dynamic way.

50 - 55

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» Aspect Oriented Programming Challenges

» Ioan Despi and Lucian Luca

Separation of concerns is an important software engineering principle, meaning the ability to identify, encapsulate, and manipulate those parts of software that are relevant to a particular concern (concept, goal, purpose). A new emerging paradigm is introduces and discussed – Aspect Oriented Programming, that makes possible to express those programs that OOP fails to support.

56 - 70

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» Tehnologii bazate pe XML: parcurgerea documentelor XML folosind PHP

» Teodor Florin Fortis and Alexandra Fortis

XML documents offers an ideal support for transporting data between different applications, even remotely. Parsing and validating XML documents are two of the main activities in using XML documents, together with XML processing by using XSLT. In this paper we offer a point of view on XML parsing by using PHP programming language and two of the basic models used: SAX and DOM.

71 - 80

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» Tehnologii bazate pe XML: XML-RPC

» Teodor Florin Fortis and Alexandra Fortis

XML documents offers an ideal support for transporting data between different applications, even remotely. RPC offers the necessary support for calling remote procedures. By combining these two technologies we have the possibility of making complex remote calls. In this paper we offer a point of view on XML-RPC based applications, following the client-server model.

81 - 88

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» Program de calcul automat al regimurilor optimale de prelucrare la debitarea prin eroziune electrica complexa

» Tiberiu-Marius Karnyanszky

The complex electric erosion is a member of the very large category of unconventional processing technology. The determination of the mathematical pattern of the dependence of the output values through the input values is still partial unknown. That’s the reason this paper try to introduce two methods to optimize the functions which describes the connection among the productivity of the processing or the surface quality (as outputs) and the electrical, mechanical, technological parameters (as inputs).

89 - 96

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» Programarea experimentelor de debitare prin eroziune electrica complexa folosind calculatorul

» Tiberiu-Marius Karnyanszky

To determine the mathematical pattern of a technological processing, a various number of experimental researches are necessary. The amount of determinations may be extended if the number of input parameters is increased. This paper presents a method do reduce the quantity of experimental situations.

97 - 101

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» Asupra algebrelor de process pentru sistemele in timp real

» Lucian Luca, Adela Ionescu and Sorina-Carmen Luca

There are presented the attempts to define a calculus for parallel processes, in the beginning being described some representative process algebras (CCS, CSP, ?-calculus). Then, there are presented and discussed another extensions of classical semantics models for the real-time systems, analysing their advantages and disadvantages.

102 - 112

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» Asupra claselor de t-norme si a relatiilor dintre ele

» Lucian Luca, Adela Ionescu and Sorina-Carmen Luca

The paper presents a few aspects regarding the t-norms in the fuzzy set theory. After reviewing the algebrical properties for the t-norms, there are presented the relations between these properties as well as the relations between the most important of t-norms classes and the last results in the domain.

113 - 122

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» Analiza indicatorilor economici folosind foile de calcul tabelar

» Claudia Mihaela Mark

In this paper is presented the analysis of economical indicators using spread sheet calculation. The growing volume and the complexity of the offer of tourism services, generated the growth of a real industry of travels and tourism, which justifies the tourism phenomenon as a distinctive branch of national economy as a third sector component.

123 - 136

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» Stimularea realizarii si utilizarii serviciilor specifice Societatii Informationale

» Claudia Mihaela Mark

In this paper is presented the way how to use specific information services of the informatics society. IT&C is a powerful instrument for modernizing the public services and educational system.

137 - 143

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» Schematic design with Design Architect by MENTOR

» George Mark

Electrical and electronics engineers in our days use several software tools to enhance their work and to speed up the production flow of a device. In the following article is presented an overview about one of the most powerful tools in schematic and layout design. Mentor is very complex that’s why the focus will be only to schematic design overview.

144 - 151

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» Signal and error transmission in worst case situation

» George Mark

The measurement of an analog value is used as control and feedback in many applications in automotive business. But how do we know that the value is the real value or is an unreal value due to errors? That’s why the purpose of this paper is to describe the differences between ideal operation situation, with ideal components and real operation situation under real environmental conditions, especially in automotive industry. The circuit described is a part of an embedded system called ECU (Engine Control Unit).

152 - 161

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» Numerical Experiments on Attraction Basin

» Stefan Maruster

The paper contains some numerical experiments concerning the basin of attraction of a tangent parabola method (a particular damping Newton method) for solving nonliniar equations in several variables.

162 - 171

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» Retele de calculatoare – sistemul Anderson

» Alin Munteanu

Progresele tehnologice impresionante înregistrate în ultimele două decenii în domeniul calculatoarelor şi, în special, în domeniul comunicaţiilor dintre acestea, au condus la o creştere spectaculoasă a dezvoltării reţelelor de calculatoare. Pornind de la reţelele locale (LAN), reţelele de arie întinsă (WAN) sau metropolitane (MAN) şi până la reţelele de sateliţi, această creştere s-a datorat nevoii de comunicare şi a folosirii unor metode mai performante din punct de vedere al timpilor de aşteptare, al fiabilităţii legăturilor şi al securităţii datelor.

172 - 175

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Towards an Ethnographic Study of Information Appliances: The Case of LG Internet Refrigerator

» Corina Raduescu

This paper presents a technique for evaluating usability and effectiveness of information appliances, focusing on domestic technology in home – the case of Internet Refrigerator, from LG. The paper briefly describes the methodology approach to gather data, an ethnographic study including a technology biography, outlining key design implications, and presenting potential suggestions, which are intended to inspire or provoke designers. In addition it helps provide a background too the “new usability” studies agenda.

176 - 189

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Factorul informational-tehnologic in procesul cresterii economice

» Marina Sârbovan

The concepts of growth and development are into an ongoing focusing for the practice and theoretical debate. Each of them require some determinant quantitative and qualitative factors, very important in the digital technology era, meaning an improvement into the profits and GNP rates. This is own to the fact that nobody can abandon the reality to the zero or negative growth, even if a convenient explanation could be found for such a fenomenus.

190 - 197

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Strategiile industriale in economia digitala

» Marina Sârbovan

The industrial policies are the core of the macroeconomic policies, regarding national, continental or global areas. The hystorical construction of the economy, per main domains like agriculture, industries, servicies and informational-technological sectors does not imply the decreasing of any of them, on the contrary, the reshaping and the increasing the competitiveness on the new qualitative demandings of the third millennium. It is vital for our country that the authorities should firmly take those measures in order to secure all the Romanian strategic sectors: agriculture, industry, services and informational-digital sector, as parts of the same economic engine.

198 - 208

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Single Board Computer Network

» Mihai Timis, Catalin Galu and Adrian Cosmici

This system can be used for control different types of systems like: mineral industry, petrol industry, pharmaceutical industry, cars industry, industrial robots, alarm systems. His performances are: 1000m direct communication, 32 networks nodes connected, low implementation prices.

209 - 215

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Ultrasonic Range Finder System

» Mihai Timis and Sorin Panainte

This paper describes a distance-measuring system based on ultrasonic sound utilizing the MSP430F ultralow-power micro-controller. The system transmits a burst of ultrasonic sound waves towards the subject and then receives the corresponding echo. The MSP430 integrated analog comparator Comparator A is used to detect the arrival of the echo to the system. The time taken for the ultrasonic burst to travel the distance from the system to the subject and back to the system is accurately measured by the MSP430. Assuming the speed of sound in air at room temperature to be 1100 ft/s, the MSP430 computes the distance between the system and the subject. The minimum distance that this system can measure is 0 cm and is limited by the transmitter’s transducer settling-time. The maximum distance that can be measured is 2.5 meters. The amplitude of the echo depends on the reflecting material, shape, and size. Sound-absorbing targets such as carpets and reflecting surfaces less than two square feet in area reflect poorly. The maximum measurable range is lower for such subjects. If the amplitude of the echo received by the system is so low that it is not detectable by the Comparator A, the system goes out of range.

216 - 220

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