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Anale. Seria Informatică
Volumul 2, Fascicula 2

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Proprietar: Universitatea "Tibiscus" din Timişoara, România
Editor: Editura Augusta, Timişoara, România
Distribuitor: Universitatea "Tibiscus" din Timişoara, România
Apariţie: Noiembrie 2004
» About a property of correctness in the fuzzy process space

» Lucian Luca, Adela Ionescu and Sorina-Carmen Luca

Lucrarea prezintă câteva aspecte legate de proprietăţile de corectitudine relativă şi absolută în spaţiul proceselor fuzzy. Sunt introduse două definiţii alternative ale relaţiei de rafinare a proceselor fuzzy (din punctul de vedere al testării, respectiv al implementării) şi sunt demonstrate propoziţiile care demonstrează echivalenţa acestor definiţii.

7 - 18

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» Asupra unor abordări semantice ale unor limbaje concurente

» Lucian Luca, Adela Ionescu and Sorina-Carmen Luca

The study presents some semantic approaches of two concurrent languages (notations), CSP and CCS, which have had a significant influence on the concurrent pragramming languages that have followed. These approaches have transformed the two concurrent notations in process algebra, a starting point for the temporal theoretical approach in the domain of the real time systems.

19 - 26

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» Contribuţii la modelarea procesului de debitare prin eroziune electrică complexă a fontei nodulare

» Tiberiu-Marius Karnyanszky

The debiting process of the materials through unconventional technologies can be managed by electric factors. This paper presents a mathematical pattern which allows to select an adecuate working regime for optimal results.

27 - 34

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» Contribuţii la modelarea procesului de debitare a oţelurilor inoxidabile prin eroziune electrică complexă

» Tiberiu-Marius Karnyanszky

The debiting process of the remarkable properties materials through unconventional technologies can be managed by electric factors as voltage or current. This paper presents a mathematical pattern which allows to select an adecuate working regime for stainless steel processing.

35 - 42

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» Utilizarea operatorului Sturm-Liouville în modelarea transferului termic unidimensional

» Amado Ştefan

In the paper is analysis unidirectional transfer phenomenon characterization with the partial derivation equation with initial and boundary condition . The solution v(x,t) with the product form X(x). T(t) to lead at Sturm - Liouville problem for X(x) variable. At final is establish the general solution v(x,t) and analysis two cases of studyes.

43 - 48

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» Ecuaţiile mişcării unidimensionale autosimilare

» Gheorghe Nicolaiţă

In the paper is present the self - similarity draft. On the of the self - similarity is introduce dimensioless variable V, R and P in stead velocity v, density and preasure p. Is utilize dimensionless variable independent and montion rquation, continuity equation and entropy conservation equation is write in function.

49 - 54

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» Modelarea propagării undelor de şoc în problema Taylor-Sedov-Neumann

» Gheorghe Nicolaiţă

In the paper is utilized propagation criterion of sphere shock wave, notation with TSN (Taylor - Sedov - Neumann). With aid of TSN criterion is analized positon of shock wave at any time t. With the author experimental data is obtain mean value of TSN criterion and been calculation velocity and distance cover of shock wave in time function for E = 1000000 J.

55 - 62

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» Visual Methods for Modeling Materials and Energy Balances

» Alexandra Fortiş and Teodor Florin Fortiş

Materials and energy balances are some of the most important tools for analyzing processes for the food industry. In our paper we are trying to establish a connection path between mathematics, computer science and chemistry. The analysis using Petri nets has become a very common technique for modeling specifications and for the evaluation of systems' performances. Petri nets can offer an intuitive approach, use formal techniques and provide some graphical description methods.

63 - 68

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» About Postfix Expressions

» Teodor Florin Fortiş and Alexandra Fortiş

In this paper we study the problem of equivalence between the languages of infix and postfix expressions over a universal algebra of type , having a finite domain of operators. Based on these results one can establish a result of characterization for the closure operator associated with a universal algebra in terms of formal languages.

69 - 74

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» Optimizarea traseelor de transport rutier

» Graţian-Dinu Bolog and Tiberiu-Marius Karnyanszky

This paper is presenting a method of shortest-way between two localities determination, applied to a roadway net used for transportation. The starting point is a representation of the roadways (practically, the entire Romanian roadway system), creating an unoriented graph. A graph is a G=(X, ?) pair composed by the X set of nodes (i.e. the localities) and the ? set of arches (i.e. the roadways linking the localities). The unoriented character is given by the bidirectional way of transportation between the localities. If the method is applied inside a locality, the problem is similarly.

75 - 82

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» Pyroelectric Motion Detector Application

» Mihai Timiş

In this paper we consider the problem of design & use a pyroelectric motion detector circuit. First we define the terms like infrared radiation and pyroelectric infrared sensors (PIR). Secondly we show a design of pyroelectric infrared motion detector. Applications to detect motion are many like: generating some stimulus and sensing its reflection, sensing some natural signal generated by an object.

83 - 88

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» Project Management Software on Web

» Mihai Timiş

In this application I purpose an implementation of a Project Management Software on Web for a small company. The basic functions included on this web software are: New Projects, View Projects, Incomplete Tasks, Completed Tasks, Projects Statistics, Files Saved, Projects Charts, New User, Show All Users. All of these tasks will help project manager to view projects informations which are needed. I used MySQL for the database support, PHP, JavaScript, Html, CSS for program implementation.

89 - 92

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» Construcţia teoretică a Spaţiului European

» Marina Sârbovan

The theory upon the European Space is designed under the hopeful empowering of the European informatics integrated systems in order to support the ambitious targets of competitiveness and welfare for the European citizens. Beyond doubt, Romania aims for the challenging goals of meeting the expectations of The United Europe in the economical and social fields, enlighten by the latest European directives and strategies. It belongs to our duty to point out the main aspects of the connections among the foundation theories of integration and the economic policy and practice.

93 - 98

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» Globalizarea economiei mondiale, fenomen al integrării internaţionale

» Marina Sârbovan

The concepts of globalization and economic integration are similar at some point, due to their common view on economic policies and principles regarding the competition rules. While The United Europe is a construction springing out from a political will, globalization is more like a natural trend of the macroeconomics, having benefits and enclosed side effects. Let this field of polemics bear wealthy fruits for our economy.

99 - 104

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» Portul USB între noutate şi utilitate

» Alin Munteanu şi Cristina Ofelia Şofran

105 - 110

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» Sisteme informatice – o privire de ansamblu

» Alin Munteanu and Cristina Ofelia Şofran

111 - 117

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