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Proprietar: Universitatea "Tibiscus" din Timişoara, România
Editor: Editura Augusta, Timişoara, România
Distribuitor: Universitatea "Tibiscus" din Timişoara, România
Apariţie: Mai 2008
» Electronical Health Record's Systems. Interoperability

» Simona Angela Apostol, Cosmin Câtu and Corina Vernic

Understanding the importance that the electronic medical health records system has, with its various structural types and grades, has led to the elaboration of a series of standards and quality control methods, meant to control its functioning. In time, the electronic health records system has evolved along with the medical data’s change of structure. Romania has not yet managed to fully clarify this concept, various definitions still being encountered, such as “Patient’s electronic chart”, “Electronic health file”. A slow change from functional interoperability (OSI level 6) to semantic interoperability (level 7) is being aimed at the moment. This current article will try to present the main electronic files models, from a functional interoperability system’s possibility to be created perspective.

7 - 20

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» Non Linear System for a Veritable pid Substitute

» Petre Bucur and Lucian Luca

Lucrarea se referă la un sistem neliniar folosit foarte mult în biologie, dar care, în anumite condiţii, cu anumite valori ale coeficienţilor devine liniar şi cu o diagramă absolut liniară pe o durată mare de timp. El poate fi folosit ca un regulator veritabil în controlul sistemelor.

21 - 24

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» L’entreprise franco-roumaine face au Internet

» Diana Sophia Codaţ

Obiectivul principal al prezentului articol este analiza activitatii intreprinderilor franceze din Romania ca urmare a utilizarii tot mai acute in sfera productiva a tehnologiilor de informatie si comunicatie. Ansambul convergent de tehnologii de informatie si comunicatie, procesul de mondializare economica au dus la o vasta transformare a activitatii economice. Articolul face parte dintr-o serie de studii efectuate in anii 2007 si 2008 asupra firmelor franceze implantate in Romania

25 - 30

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» A fixpoint semantics for „memory cells” in synchronous dataflows

» Cătălin Dima

We study an iteration operation modeling the repeated behavior of syn-chronous dataflows in which all partial results are issued and also memorized for the next computation step. The definition is by means of a fixpoint equation. We prove some equational properties of iteration, comparing them to the ones of the Elgot iteration. We also prove a normal form theorem for dataflows and show that equality is decidable for canonical dataflows associated to freely generated algebraic theories.

31 - 60

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» Directing RF Terminals using TELNET Applications

» Georgiana-Petruţa Fîntîneanu

Lucrarea de faţă îşi propune să evidenţieze modul de utilizare şi funcţionare a protocolului TELNET pentru direcţionarea terminalelor mobile. În acest sens lucrarea a fost structurată în trei părţi: primele două părţi au ca scop o scurtă prezentare teoretică a protocolului TELNET respectiv a terminalelor mobile, urmând ca în partea a III-a să fie prezentată o aplicaţie care evidenţiază modul în care poate fi programat un terminal mobil folosind protocolul TELNET

61 - 68

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» Considerations on Resource Usage in Exceptions and Failures in Workflows

» Alexandra Fortiş, Alexandru Cicortaş and Victoria Iordan

Lucrarea prezintă o descriere a unor puncte de vedere aparţinând mai multor autori referitor la eşecurile şi excepţiile care apar în workflow-uri, ca o consecinţă directă a indisponibilităţii resurselor implicate în workflow. Fiecare dintre aceste interpretări este caracteristică unei anumite situaţii, în funcţie de interpretarea pe care o dau autorii eşecurilor şi excepţiilor în workflow-uri care modelează sisteme reale.

69 - 80

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» Workflow patterns in processing modeling

» Alexandra Fortiş

This paper proposes an introduction to one of the newest modeling methods, an executable model based on workflows. We present the terminology for some basic workflow patterns, as described in [WfMC99].

81 - 94

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» Definition of Strange Attractor in Benard Problem for Generalized Couette Cell

» V.V.Gotsulenko, L.A.Gaponova and P.I.Kogut

For movements of the viscous continuous flow in generalized Couette cell the dynamic system describing the central limiting variety is received.

95 - 100

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» C#: Connecting a Mobile Application to Oracle Server via Web Services

» Daniela Ilea

This article is focused on mobile development using Visual Studio 2005, web services and their connection to Oracle Server, willing to help programmers to realize simple and useful mobile applications.

101 - 106

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» Teacher's Evaluation – a Component of Quality Assessment System

» Tiberiu Marius Karnyanszky, Laurenţiu Dan Lacrămă, Lucian Luca and Ioana Iacob

One of the most important activities to increase the importance and the responsibility of the higher education is the quality management, assessment and evaluation. Starting from 2006, a national mechanism was created in Romania and all the educational institutions have to apply a concrete algorithm to ensure the internal evaluation, the external evaluation and, the most important, to increase the quality of the educational process. This paper presents the implementation of the quality assessment in “Tibiscus” University of Timişoara, particularly at the Faculty of Computers and Applied Computer Science.

107 - 112

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» Expert Software for the Determination of Juvenile People's Obesity

» Tiberiu Marius Karnyanszky, Corina Muşuroi and Carla Amira Karnyanszky

Keeping the health condition at the juvenile population is the concern of both the medical staff and the Physical education teachers. Considering the steady tendency of the growth of the number of the youth with excessive weight (overweighed or obese), the intervention to combat this phenomenon must be initiated in the early stage when this condition occurs. The screening method for evaluating the body weight presented in this study uses a calculus program through which, based on the input data (age, sex, weight the width of the skin fold), an evaluation regarding the each juvenile's weight and the body structure can be done. This program can be used in schools, high schools, universities, to signal the weight excess and to appreciate the intervention results for getting a normal weight.

113 - 120

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» About Testing the Speed of Calculating the Shortest Route

» Tiberiu Marius Karnyanszky and Bogdan Şelariu

Applied into a various area of domains, the graph theory and its applications allow the determination of the shortest route. The common algorithm to solve this problem is Bellman-Kalaba, based on the matrix multiplying operation. If the graph is very large (e.g., the dimension of the associated incidence matrix is big), one of the main problems is to reduce the calculus time. This paper presents a testing method able to analyze if an acceleration of the Bellman-Kalaba is possible and able to determine the time efficiency.

121 - 126

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» Real-time Texture Error Detection

» Dan Laurenţiu Lacrămă, Florin Alexa and Adriana Baltă

This paper advocates an improved solution for the real-time error detection of texture errors that occurs in the production process in textile industry. The research is focused on the mono-color products with 3D texture model (Jacquard fabrics). This is a more difficult task than, for example, 2D multicolor textures.

127 - 134

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» Hospital Acquired Infections: Advantages of a Computerized Surveillance

» Leonard Mada

Objective: To assess the advantages of a computerized surveillance system to detect Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAI).
Methods: All HAI reported to the Timis County branch of the Romanian National Health Insurance and the Public Health Authority during the year 2007 were collected and assessed for validity.
Data sources: International data were used to estimate the true HAI rate. Electronic records from the microbiology lab were used to predict the rate of HAI. Advanced models using DRG data and pharmacy order forms were not possible due to lack of this data.
Results: Only 10 out off 17 hospitals in Timis County reported the number of HAI. There were 529 cases during 2007, corresponding to <0.4 cases / 100 hospital admissions compared to 4.5 – 9.1 cases / 100 admissions in the medical literature. We estimated a true number of 6,000 HAI in Timis County during 2007. 29 MRSA and another 88 ceftazidime resistant strains were isolated during July 2007 in one of the hospitals. The total of 117 potential HAI comes close to the 150 HAI predicted for that hospital. Conclusions: Romanian hospitals report less than 10% of the HAI. Available electronic data can be used to estimate the true rate of HAI.

135 - 144

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» Students’ expectations research as an estimating base of educational services quality level

» Vitaliy Martsenovskiy

145 - 152

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» Adaptation of Black-Box Software Components

» Rolf Andreas Rasenack

The globalization of the software market leads to crucial problems for software companies. More competition between software companies arises and leads to the force on companies to develop ever newer software products in ever shortened time interval. Therefore the time to market for software systems is shortened and obviously the product life cycle is shortened too. Thus software companies shortened the time interval for research and development. Due to the fact of competition between software companies software products have to develop low-priced and this leads to a smaller return on investment. A big challenge for software companies is the use of an effective research and development process to have these problems under control. A way to control these problems can be the reuse of existing software components and adapt those software components to new functionality or accommodate mismatched interfaces. Complete redevelopment of software products is more expensive and time consuming than to develop software components. The approach introduced here presents novel technique together with a supportive environment that enables developers to cope with the adaptability of black-box software components. A supportive environment will be designed that checks the compatibility of black-box software components with the assistance of their specifications. Generated adapter software components can take over the part of adaptation and advance the functionality. Besides, a pool of software components can be used to compose an application to satisfy customer needs. Certainly this pool of software components consists of black-box software components and adapter software components which can be connected on demand.

153 - 168

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» Development of Geoinformational Tools for Competition Environment and Consumer Streams Analysis

» Vasilyi Saiko

The article says about using GIS-technologies in small business. The tools for electronic map creation have been offered. The suggested software allows to create layer-by-layer vector topological model of town space containing essential information for the following analysis and modeling of customer streams and competition environment.

169 - 172

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» On the Category of Partial Bijections

» Emil Schwab

Categories of partial functions have become increasingly important principally because of their applications in theoretical computer science. In this note we prove that the category of partial bijections between sets as an inverse-Baer*-category with closed projections and in which the idempotents split is an exact category. Finally the Noether isomorphism theorems are given for this exact category.

173 - 180

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» Grid Technologies

» Delia Sabina Stîngă

This paper contains the most important aspects of computing grids. Grid computing allows high performance distributed systems to act as a single computer. An overview of grids structure and techniques is given in order to understand the way grids work.

181 - 186

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» The Influence of the Resistance at the Advancing Motion of the Material Point Subjected to the Gravitational Force

» Amado George Ştefan

The paper presents differential equations of motion particle in stationary gravitational field with considerations air resistance. In the numerical solution of the equations of motion particular input data are considered and we obtain revolution period (Pr) and radial distance r(t).

187 - 194

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» Matrix Representations of the Thermo-dynamic Functions used for Studying the Burning of Gas Combustibles

» Amado George Ştefan, Silviu Marcel Dan and Gabriel Marin

The paper contains data regarding the processes that occur art normal pressure and the variations of enthalpy, entropy, molar isobar heat, isobar potential. The variations of enthalpy and molar isobar heat are useful in the calculation of the thermic balance-sheet, and those in connection with the isobar potential are useful for the calculation of the balances. The enthalpy and entropy are linear combinations of the temperature functions and, being taken as a basis for the calculation of isobar potential. The indicated proprieties for each component can be calculated, if we know the approximation function for the isobar molar heat and the known value of the propriety at a temperature. In order to find the, coefficients we consider known the values of the molar isobar heat at five values of absolute temperature, after which we apply the linear algebra method.

195 - 210

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» The Generating of Fractal Images using MathCAD Program

» Laura Ştefan

This paper presents the graphic representation in the z–plane of the first three iterations of the algorithm that generates the Sierpinski Gasket. It analyses the influence of the f(z) map when we represent fractal images.

211 - 220

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» An Overview of the Asynchronous Digital Systems – Part 1

» Mihai Timiş

Implementation methods for the digital asynchronous systems use different predefined models like self timed circuits, speed independent circuits, delay insensitive circuits, handshake protocol implementation in asynchronous systems

221 - 226

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» An Overview of the Asynchronous Digital Systems – Part 2

» Mihai Timiş

Implementation methods for the digital asynchronous systems use different predefined models like self timed circuits, speed independent circuits, delay insensitive circuits, handshake protocol implementation in asynchronous systems

227 - 231

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» An Overview of the Asynchronous Digital Systems – Part 3

» Mihai Timiş

Implementation methods for the digital asynchronous systems use different predefined models like self timed circuits, speed independent circuits, delay insensitive circuits, handshake protocol implementation in asynchronous systems,C Muller circuits.

232 - 238

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» Expert System for Quality Assessment in "Tibiscus" University

» Cătălin Ţuican, Tiberiu Marius Karnyanszky and Bogdan Şelariu

The periodical evaluation of the teaching staff in „Tibiscus” University bases on the specifications of The Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (Agenţia Română de Asigurare a Calităţii în Învăţământul Superior, ARACIS) namely : „The quality of the teaching and researching staff The universities must dispose of teaching staff which, as number and functional base, must be correctly allocated to the total number of students, depending on the study domain, and regarding the qualifications it must depend on the specific of the study program and the proposed quality objectives.” This paper presents the implementation of an expert system, offering to the students the possibility to perform the evaluation in a modern way and to the evaluation committee a quick access to all necessary data.

239 - 248

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