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Volumul 7, Fascicula 2

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Apariţie: Noiembrie 2009
» Parameterized Complexity on a New Sorting Algorithm: A Study in Simulation

» Prashant Kumar, Anchala Kumari and Soubhik Chakraborty

Sundararajan and Chakraborty (2007) introduced a new sorting algorithm by modifying the fast and popular Quick sort and removing the interchanges. In a subsequent empirical study, Sourabh, Sundararajan and Chakraborty (2007) demonstrated that this algorithm sorts inputs from certain probability distributions faster than others and the authors made a list of some standard probability distributions in decreasing order of speed, namely, Continuous uniform < Discrete uniform < Binomial < Negative Binomial < Poisson < Geometric < Exponential < Standard Normal. It is clear from this interesting second study that the algorithm is sensitive to input probability distribution. Based on these pervious findings, in the present paper we are motivated to do some further study on this sorting algorithm through simulation and determine the appropriate empirical model which explains its average sorting time with special emphasis on parameterized complexity.

9 - 22

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» Estimators in Cryptography

» Nicolae Constantinescu

Cryptography is a field that relies on accurate data, but combining cryptography with biometry we will discuss an entirely different concept – estimators in cryptography. Human users have a tough time remembering long cryptographic keys. Hence, researchers, for so long, have been examining ways to utilize biometric features of the user instead of a memorable password or passphrase, in an effort to generate strong and repeatable cryptographic keys. Our objective is to incorporate the volatility of the user's biometric features into the generated key, so as to make the key unguessable to an attacker lacking significant knowledge of the user's biometrics.

23 - 30

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» On the Role of Service Concept in IT

» Ioan Despi and Lucian Luca

Hard times affecting world-wide economy have strong consequences and are challenging IT departments from all sorts of enterprises. Expensive software projects are replaced by component-based agile systems and paradigms like SOA, REST, cloud computing are the new buzz-words. Behind the canvas, the service concept plays a central role, which we try to reveal.

31 - 40

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» On an Ethical Use of Neural Networks: A Case Study on a North Indian Raga

» Ripunjai Kumar Shukla and Soubhik Chakraborty

The paper gives an artificial neural network (ANN) approach to time series modeling, the data being instance versus notes (characterized by pitch) depicting the structure of a North Indian raga, namely, Bageshree. Respecting the sentiments of the artists’ community, the paper argues why it is more ethical to model a structure than try and “manufacture” an artist by training the neural network to copy performances of artists. Indian Classical Music centers on the ragas, where emotion and devotion are both important and neither can be substituted by such “calculated artistry” which the ANN generated copies are ultimately up to.

41 - 56

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» Technique detection software for Sparse Matrices

» Muhammad Taimoor Khan and Anila Usman

Sparse storage formats are techniques for storing and processing the sparse matrix data efficiently. The performance of these storage formats depend upon the distribution of non-zeros, within the matrix in different dimensions. In order to have better results we need a technique that suits best the organization of data in a particular matrix. So the decision of selecting a better technique is the main step towards improving the system's results otherwise the efficiency can be decreased. The purpose of this research is to help identify the best storage format in case of reduced storage size and high processing efficiency for a sparse matrix.

57 - 66

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» How many interchanges does the selection sort make for iid geometric(p) input?

» Debasish Sahani and Soubhik Chakraborty

The note derives an expression for the number of interchanges made by selection sort when the sorting elements are iid variates from geometric distribution. Empirical results reveal we can work with a simpler model compared to what is suggestive in theory. The morale is that statistical analysis of an algorithm’s complexity has something to offer in its own right and should be therefore ventured not with a predetermined mindset to verify what we already know in theory. Herein also lies the concept of an empirical O, a novel although subjective bound estimate over a finite input range obtained by running computer experiments. For an arbitrary algorithm, where theoretical results could be tedious, this could be of greater use.

67 - 76

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» Password Authentication Scheme with Secured Login Interface

» A.T. Akinwale and F.T. Ibharalu

This paper presents a novel solution to the age long problem of password security at input level. In our solution, each of the various characters from which a password could be composed is encoded with a random single digit integer and presented to the user via an input interface form. A legitimate user entering his password only needs to carefully study the sequence of code that describe his password, and then enter these code in place of his actual password characters. This approach does not require the input code to be hidden from anyone or converted to placeholder characters for security reasons. Our solution engine regenerates new code for each character each time the carriage return key is struck, producing a hardened password that is convincingly more secure than conventional password entry system against both online and offline attackers. Using empirical data and a prototype implementation of our scheme, we give evidence that our approach is viable in practice, in terms of ease of use, improved security, and performance.

77 - 85

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» Are Subsequences of Decimal Digits of PI Random?

» Suman Kumar Sourabh, Soubhik Chakraborty and Basant Kumar Das

A lot has been done on the randomness of the decimal expansion of Pi with extensive tests of randomness that are used to distinguish good from not-so-good random number generators when applied to the decimal digits of Pi. Pi seems to pass these tests as well as some of the best random number generator (RNG) and could well serve as an RNG provided that the digits of Pi could be easily and quickly produced in the computer [Mar06]. We make an interesting study in the same context in which random substring of arbitrary length are extracted from arbitrary positions a large number of times and each sample is tested for randomness. Our results confirm the randomness of Pi and a recent claim that “Pi is less random than we thought” [TF05] stands refuted. George Marsaglia [Mar06] has also independently refuted the claim but in Marsaglia’s work, the randomness is established on the whole for the first 960 million digits of pi. Our study confirms the randomness for arbitrary subsequences also. Finally, the investigation of some functions of pi-rather than pi itself-is proposed.

87 - 96

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» From "Nolite turbare circulos meos!" to "Don’t delete my folder"

» Valerian Antohe

Arhimede îsi desena figurile pe nisipul plajei, pe pământ bătut sau în cenusă pusă pe o pardoseală ori pe propriul să corp, uns în prealabil cu untdelemn; pe corp trasa figurile cu ajutorul unghiei. Când generalul roman Marcellus a cucerit în anul 212 î.e.n. Siracusa din Sicilia, orasul lui Arhimede, un soldat roman a dat peste acest geniu contemplându-si cercurile pe care le desenase pe nisip. "Nolite turbare circulos meos!" (nu-mi strica cercurile) i-a strigat Arhimede soldatului; dar romanul, iritat, l-a înjunghiat cu spada, omorându-l. În zilele de azi locul de exprimare a ideilor matematice a fost înlocuit de ecranul calculatorului iar platformele dedicate studiului matematicii au deschis o nouă perspectivă domeniului cercetării. O incursiune în domeniu este desigur o provocare dar şi o invitaţie pentru educaţi şi educatori.

97 - 104

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» Modeling a geometric locus problem with GeoGebra

» Gabriela-Simona Antohe

În rezolvarea unor probleme de loc geometric analiza, modelarea, studiul cazurilor particulare ce ajută la intuirea soluţiei poate atrage din partea rezolvitorului un efort de lungă durata. În acest sens, folosirea unor programe specializate pentru modelarea unor fenomene matematice, în genere transformări geometrice în plan, este un instrument acceptat şi folosit din ce în ce mai mult. În cadrul lecţiilor de predare-învăţare a matematicii, implementarea investigaţiei desfăşurată pe platforme de geometrie dinamică precum Geogebra poate atrage definirea unor noi metode de predare-învăţare “nonstandard”, metode ce sunt acceptate ca metode de graniţă ce folosesc instrumentul informatic în strânsă legătură cu demersul matematic al metodelor clasice. Vom numi acest demers “infogeometria dinamică”.

105 - 112

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» Intelligent Car System

» Qasim Siddique

In modern life the road safety has becomes the core issue. One single move of a driver can cause horrifying accident. The main goal of intelligent car system is to make communication with other cars on the road. The system is able to control to speed, direction and the distance between the cars the intelligent car system is able to recognize traffic light and is able to take decision according to it. This paper presents a framework of the intelligent car system. I validate several aspect of our system using simulation.

113 - 124

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» Aspects of SOA: An Entry Point for Starters

» Qusay F. Hassan

Because Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is one of the hottest topics that is currently gaining momentum, and the number of its adopters (both business and IT executives) is increasing in a tremendous manner, it is really a must to enlist important aspects related to it in order to allow these adopters to better understand the role that it can play in both software and business markets. These aspects varies from the definition of SOA and key components of it, different forms of support given by elite software vendors to it, its evolution history, the relationship between it and web services, the future expectations about its uses and benefits in different organizations, the relationship between SOA and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), and various applications that can use it to overcome limitations related to other traditional methods. Moreover, challenges that face SOA in software market should be addressed and discussed in order to be able to see the big picture and to look for better solutions for them.

125 - 142

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» Image Fusion and Re-Modified SPIHT for Fused Image

» S. Chitra, J. B. Bhattacharjee and B. Thilakavathi

This paper presents the Discrete Wavelet based fusion techniques for combining perceptually important image features. SPIHT (Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees) algorithm is an efficient method for lossy and lossless coding of fused image. This paper presents some modifications on the SPIHT algorithm. It is based on the idea of insignificant correlation of wavelet coefficient among the medium and high frequency sub bands. In RE-MSPIHT algorithm, wavelet coefficients are scaled prior to SPIHT coding based on the sub band importance, with the goal of minimizing the MSE.

143 - 158

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» Computer applications in clinical psychology

» Alina Oana Zamoşteanu

The computer-assisted analysis is not currently a novelty, but a necessity in all areas of psychology. A number of studies that examine the limits of the computer assisted and analyzed interpretations, also its advantages. A series of studies aim to assess how the computer assisting programs are able to establish a diagnosis referring to the presence of certain mental disorders. We will present the results of one computer application in clinical psychology regarding the assessment of Theory of Mind capacity by animation.

159 - 172

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» TCP over IEEE 802.11

» P. Chenna Reddy

IEEE 802.11 is a widely used wireless LAN standard for medium access control. TCP is a prominent transport protocol originally designed for wired networks. TCP treats packet loss as congestion and reduces the data rate. In wireless networks packets are lost not only due to congestion but also due to various other reasons. Hence there is need for making TCP adaptable to wireless networks. Various parameters of TCP and IEEE 802.11 can be set to appropriate values to achieve optimum performance results. In this paper optimum values for various parameters of IEEE 802.11 are determined. Network simulator NS2 is used for simulation.

173 - 183

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