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Annals. Computer Science Series
Tome 8, Fasc. 1

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Apariţie: May 2010
» E-learning and use of computer in forensic field

» Alina Oana Zamosteanu

In the Romanian penitentiary establishments and those of other European countries one talks about the formal and informal education. Since the correspondence education system, important steps have been made towards the e-learning didactics which are reflected by the modern teaching methods (through ICT) used even by the penitentiary system. The Moodle platform, the web site with certain specific, and the forum represent the means used as an interface between the educator and the student, their benefits being clearly demonstrated.

9 - 16

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» Diagonalization Matrix Method of Solving the First Basic Problem of Hidden Markov Model in Speech Recognition System

» R. Gnanajeyaraman and G. Seenivasan

This paper proposes a computationally efficient method of solving evaluation problem of Hidden Markov Model (HMM) with a given set of discrete observation symbols, number of states and probability distribution matrices. The observation probability for a given HMM model is evaluated using an approach in which the probability evaluation is reduced to the problem of evaluating the product of matrices with different powers and formed out of state transition probabilities and observation probabilities. Finding powers of a matrix is done by using the computationally efficient diagonalization method thereby reducing the overall computational effort for evaluating the Evaluation problem of HMM.The proposed method is compared with the existing direct method. It is found that evaluating matrix power by diagnolisation method is more suitable than that of the direct, method.

17 - 26

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» Réalisation d’un système de reconnaissance automatique de la parole arabe base sur CMU Sphinx

» Ali Sadiqui and Noureddine Chenfour

This paper presents the continuation of the work completed by Satori and all. [SCH07] by the realization of an automatic speech recognition system (ASR) for Arabic language based SPHINX 4 system. The previous work was limited to the recognition of the first ten digits, whereas the present work is a remarkable projection consisting in continuous Arabic speech recognition with a rate of recognition of surroundings 96%.

27 - 40

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» Information Access in the Digital Era

» Dalia Petcu, Vasile Gherheş, Ciprian Obrad and Sorin Suciu

With a fast evolution, a considerable number of applications and global accessibility, the internet is used, nowadays, to gather information from every field of interest, for business dealings, for establishing social relationships, for communications or relaxation. This article offers a series of information about the degree of using the internet at a global and European level as well as data about the most used websites in our country.

41 - 48

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» Quality certification of the medical information systems - An overview -

» Simona Apostol, Cosmin Câtu and Mircea Focşa

Resistance to change is something specifically human, being an easy thing to understand, but it has to be overcome now, and not as it happens, after generations. The certification process currently exists in many areas. Certification may be organized under different legal frameworks, it can be ensured by involving different types of organizations, public and private, but the common element remains the recognition of the key role it plays in the process of certification of quality assurance.

49 - 56

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» The certification of the EHR systems according to EuroRec Seal

» Simona Apostol, Mircea Focşa and Cosmin-Ovidiu Câtu

As in any field, in the e-health domain it is very important that the designing of a computer system should start by establishing a complete set of requirements for the architecture of the future EHR system. The present study integrates the centralization of the results of the survey, following the debate with the representatives of the firms participating to the conference: "The Quality of the EHR Systems - the developers' vision".

57 - 66

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» Kerberos Authentication in Wireless Sensor Networks

» Qasim Siddique

We proposed an authentication mechanism in the wireless sensor network. Sensor network uses the Kerberos authentication scheme for the authentication of bases station in the network. Kerberos provides a centralized authentication server whose function is to authenticate user by providing him the ticket to grant request to the base station. In this paper we have provided architecture for the authentication of base station in the wireless sensor network based on the Kerberos server authentication scheme.

67 - 80

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» On the proficient use of GEV distribution: a case study of subtropical monsoon region in India

» Ripunjai K. Shukla, M. Trivedi and Manoj Kumar

The paper deals with the probabilistic estimates of extreme maximum rainfall (Annual basis) in the Ranchi, Jharkhand (India). Extreme Value Distribution family models are tried to capture the uncertainty of data and finally Generalized Extreme Value (GEV) distribution model is found as the best fitted distribution model. The GEV model satisfied the selection criteria [Anderson-Darling test (A-D test or Goodness of fit test) and Normality test (Q-Q plot)], which are adopted under the present study. The return levels are estimated for 5, 10, 50, 100 and 200 years which are consistently increasing for long run in future.

81 - 93

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» Manual and Fast C Code Optimization

» Mohammed Fadle Abdulla

Developing an application with high performance through the code optimization places a greater responsibility on the programmers. While most of the existing compilers attempt to automatically optimize the program code, manual techniques remain the predominant method for performing optimization. Deciding where to try to optimize code is difficult, especially for large complex applications. For manual optimization, the programmers can use his experiences in writing the code, and then he can use a software profiler in order to collect and analyze the performance data from the code. In this work, we have gathered the most experiences which can be applied to improve the style of writing programs in C language as well as we present an implementation of the manual optimization of the codes using the Intel VTune profiler. The paper includes two case studies to illustrate our optimization on the Heap Sort and Factorial functions.

94 - 108

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» Network Traffic and Utilization: Reliability of Network Analyzer Development with Independent Data, OPNET Simulation Tool and Real Network

» Mohd Nazri Ismail and Abdullah Mohd Zin

This paper presents a complete network analyzer development for heterogeneous services in campus environment. The purpose of this study is to define the accuracy of network analyzer development with independent data, real network and OPNET simulation tool. This network analyzer software will test on traffic and utilization generated by the several services. The reliability of this network analyzer will test with web service, email service, video conference service, VoIP service, and voice conference service. The results show that network analyzer software has accuracy and same trend with independent data, real network and OPNET simulation tool. Finally, this software is able to measure the network resources during preparation, proposal and planning phases.

109 - 136

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» An Efficient Fast Pruned Parallel Algorithm for finding Longest Common Subsequences in BioSequences

» Sumathy Eswaran and S. P. RajaGopalan

This paper presents an Efficient and fast approach to identify the Longest Common Subsequence between Biosequences. Identifying Longest Common Subsequence between two or more biosequences is an important problem in computer science due to its complexity and applicability to the field of biology. This Algorithm achieves its efficiency in using computational resources by doing specific pruning in the process of identifying the Longest Common Subsequence. The proposed approach has various steps like Identifying Initial Identical Character Pairs between the Sequences, its Successors, Pruning to retain potential successors and backtracking. The execution results indicate that with the proposed algorithm Memory Efficiency and Fast Execution are achieved over the prominent FAST_LCS Algorithm while retaining the precision of FAST_LCS.

137 - 150

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» An Exploratory Study of the Critical Factors Affecting the Acceptability of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Nigeria

» Olusegun Folorunso, Oluwafunmilayo Ayobami Ateji and Gabriel Oludare Awe

This paper uses the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as a basis for studying critical factors that affects the acceptability of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in Nigeria. Questionnaire approach was used with the respondents predominantly between 20-29 years old. Factor analysis was used to test which of the factors are the main factors affecting the adoption of the technology in Nigeria. It was discovered that the major factors affecting people’s intention to accept ATM are the security issues and poor internet connectivity.

151 - 162

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» An Exploratory Study of Critical Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Sorting Techniques (Shell, Heap and Treap)

» Olusegun Folorunso, Olufunke R. Vincent and Oluwatimilehin Salako

The efficiency of sorting techniques has a significant impact on the overall efficiency of a program. The efficiency of Shell, Heap and Treap sorting techniques in terms of both running time and memory usage was studied, experiments conducted and results subjected to factor analysis by SPSS. The study revealed the main factor affecting these sorting techniques was time taken to sort.

163 - 172

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» Modeling the geographical studies with GeoGebra-software

» Ionica Soare and Carmen Antohe

The problem of mathematical modeling in geography is one of the most important strategies in order to establish the evolution and the prevision of geographical phenomena. Models must have a simplified structure, to reflect essential components and must be selective, structured, and suggestive and approximate the reality. Models could be static or dynamic, developed in a theoretical, symbolic, conceptual or mental way, mathematically modeled. The present paper is focused on the virtual model which uses GeoGebra software, free and available at www.geogebra.org, in order to establish new methods of geographical analysis in a dynamic, didactic way.

173 - 180

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