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AKHIGBE–MUDU Thursday Ehis
-Researcher, Department of Computer Science, College of Natural Sciences, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. Nigeria
-E-mail: akhigbetos2002 [@] yahoo [.] com
-Web: http://www.unaab.edu.ng
X.2.12 (T. E. Akhigbe-Mudu, F. T. Ibharalu and O. Folorunso) Analysis of Network Packet Loss using Passive Measurement Technique Augumented with Parity-Check

XI.1-03 (T. E. Akhigbe-Mudu, F. T. Ibharalu and A.T. Akinwale) Analytical Technique For Visualizing Buffer Overflow Attacks Combined With Code Pointer Integrity Checking

XI.1-15 (T. E. Akhigbe-Mudu and F. T. Ibharalu) Network Management Control Based on Change of Self-Similarity and Fuzzy Logic in Network Traffic

XI.1-16 Estimating Network Rotational Latency Based on Input/Output Subsystem Architecture

XI.2-04 Network Adaptive Behaviour and its Optimal Performance

XI.2-07 Effects of System Paging / Thrashing Overhead on System Performance Based on Degree of Multiprogramming

XII.1-02 Estimating Handoff Minimum Latency based on Signal Strength and Hysteresis in Mobile Computing

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