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APOSTOL Simona Angela
-B.Sc. at the West University of Timişoara, Faculty of Mathematics-Informatics, Specialization Computer Science, 2004
-M.Sc. in COmputer Science, West University of Timişoara, Faculty of Mathematics-Informatics, 2006
-Ph.D. in Medical Computer Science at the "Victor Babes" University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Timisaora, Romania
-Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Computers and Applied Computer Science, „Tibiscus” University of Timişoara, Romania
-E-mail: sapostol [@] tibiscus [.] ro
-Web: http://www.apostol.tibiscus.ro
LUCRARE RETRASĂ [V.1-13 FISLAB – the Fuzzy Inference Tool-box for SCILAB]

LUCRARE RETRASĂ [V.1-14 The development of a fuzzy regulator with an entry and an output in Fislab]

VI.1-1 (Simona Angela Apostol, Cosmin Câtu, Corina Vernic) Electronical Health Record's Systems. Interoperability

VIII.1-5 (Simona Angela Apostol, Cosmin Câtu, Mircea Focsa) Quality certification of the medical information systems - An overview -

VIII.1-6 (Simona Angela Apostol, Mircea Focsa, Cosmin-Ovidiu Câtu) The certification of the EHR systems according to EuroRec Seal

IX.1-2 (Călin Muntean, Cosmin Câtu, Simona Apostol, Andreas Kuglis) New opportunities for the analysis of the medical prescriptions. Advantages of the pharmaceutical unification form of administration

X.1-10 (Bogdan Timar, Corina Vernic, Simona Apostol, Viorel Şerban) Curve-Fitting Models for Immune Mediated Celldistruction - Comparison

X.2-06 (Simona Angela Apostol, Muntean Calin, Corina Vernic, Bogdan Timar) Data Exchange Standards in Healthcare

XI.1-07 (Oana Astrid VATAMANU, Simona APOSTOL, Mihaela IONESCU) Texture Feature Extraction Techniques

XI.1-08 (Mihaela IONESCU, Anca TUDOR, Oana Astrid VATAMANU, Simona APOSTOL, Cristin C. VERE) Detection of Lumen and Intestinal Juices in Wireless Capsule Eendoscopy

XIII.1-08 (Mihaela Ionescu, Adriana Florentina Constantinescu, Alin Gabriel Ionescu, Costin Teodor Streba, Angela Simona Apostol, Otilia Constantina Rogoveanu, Marius Eugen Ciurea, Cristin Constantin Vere) Methods of Diagnosis of Intestinal Polyps with Software Applications in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy

XIII.1-09 (Horaţiu Urechescu, Marius Pricop, Simona Apostol, Corina Vernic) Comparison Between Surgical and Non-Surgical Methods for the Treatment of Mandibular Fractures

XV.2-26 (Corina V. Vernic, Paul T. Tamas, Ovidiu Bedreag, Alexandru F. Rogobete, Claudiu L. Neamțu, Ciprian M. Gîndac, Dorian M. Dragulescu, Simona A. Apostol, Dorel Sandesc) Romanian Electronic Registries for Patients with Extracorporeal Support of Vital Functions

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