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CHEPTEA Marilena
-Medical records and data processing and information Department, “Prof. dr. I. Chiricuta” Institute of Oncology, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
-E-mail: marilenacheptea [@] yahoo [.] com
X.2-07 (Marilena Cheptea, Irina David, Georgia Cirebea) Addressability at the “Prof. Dr. I. Chiricuta” Institute of Oncology, Cluj-Napoca. Information and Data Analysis and Management

XI.2-05 (Octavian Chiş, Silviu Albu, Georgia Cirebea, Marilena Cheptea, Corina Vernic) Data on the Treatment and Survival of Patients with Parotid Cancer at the “Prof.dr. I. Chiricuţă” Institute of Oncology in Cluj-Napoca

XI.2-16 (Alexandrina Sabo, David Leontin, Claudiu Peştean, Doina Piciu, Marilena Cheptea, Corina Vernic) Comparison between the empirical and mathematical methods in the administration of radioiodine in hyperthyroidism

XII.1-05 (Octavian Chiş, Silviu Albu, Amalia Andreea Chiş, Marilena Cheptea, Corina Vernic) A Average and Long Term Survival in Primitive Carcinoma of the Parotid Gland

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