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Kazeem Adewale OSUOLALE
-Researcher, Ph.D., Department of Statistics, Faculty of Science, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
-Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (Biostatistics), Nigerian Institute of Medical Research
-E-mail: whereisqosimadewale [@] gmail [.] com
-Web: http://www.unilorin.edu.ng/index.php/en/
XII.2-04 (Kazeem A. Osuolale, Waheed. B. Yahya, Babatunde L. Adeleke) Performing a simple Pendulum Experiment as a Demonstrative Example for Computer Experiments

XII.2-06 (Kazeem A. Osuolale, Oluwaseun A. Otekunrin) An Algorithm for Constructing Symmetric ((r+1)v, kr, kλ) BIBDs from Affine Resolvable (v, b, r, k, λ) BIBDs

XIII.1-04 (Kazeem A. Osuolale, Waheed B. Yahya, Babatunde L. Adeleke) Construction of Orthogonal Array-based Latin Hypercube Designs for Deterministic Computer Experiments

XV.2-01 (Kazeem A. Osuolale, Babatunde L. Adeleke, Waheed B. Yahya) An Enhanced Algorithm for Constructing Optimal Space-Filling Designs using Hadamard Matrices of Orders 4λ and 8λ

XVI.1-26 (Kazeem A. Osuolale, Olakunle Kayode, Olawoore S. Adebayo) Statistical Analysis of the Effects of Poultry Manure and NPK Fertilizer on the Yield of Maize

XVII.2-42 Modelling of Borehole Computer Experiments Through a Modified Borehole Model

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