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-Ph.D. in Philosophy since 1980
-Professor at the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Applied Sciences Emden / Leer, Emden, Germany
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IV.1-20 (Rolf Andreas Rasenack, Karsten Wolke, Kostyantyn Yermashov, Karl Hayo Siemsen) - Semantic Linkage of Control Systems
IV.1-22 Programming with ASLT and Metainformation
IV.1-27 (Karsten Wolke, Kostyantin Yermashov, Karl Hayo Siemsen, Rolf Andreas Rasenack) - Failover of Software Services with State Replication
IV.1-28 (Kostyantin Yermashov, Karl Hayo Siemsen, Karsten Wolke, Rolf Andreas Rasenack) - Architecture of the Neurath Basic Model View Controller
X.2-14 (Karl Hayo Siemsen, Dan Lacrămă, Walter Schumacher, Joachim Wiebe, Hayo Siemsen) Documentation of Project Study after 10 Years
X.2-15 (Karl Hayo Siemsen, Tanja Snaikus) An Erkenntnis-Theoretical Project-study for Students of Computer Science

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