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Waheed Babatunde YAHYA
-Associate Professor (Reader), Ph.D., Department of Statistics, Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Ilorin, P.M.B. 1515, 640001 Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria
-E-mail: wbyahya [@] unilorin [.] edu [.] ng
-Web: http://www.science.unilorin.edu.ng/
X.1-06 (Waheed B. Yahya, Morolake O. Oladiipo, Emmanuel T. Jolayemi) A Fast Algorithm To Construct Neural Networks Classification Models With High-Dimensional Genomic Data

X.1-07 (Waheed Babatunde Yahya, Isaac Adeola Adeniyi) Super QC-Pack: a novel statistical software for analysing quality control data< br/>

XII.1-08 (Waheed Babatunde Yahya, Mahmud Muhammed) MSG Package: A Novel Statistical Software for Generating Random Samples of Different Forms

XII.2-04 (Kazeem A. Osuolale, Waheed. B. Yahya, Babatunde L. Adeleke) Performing a simple Pendulum Experiment as a Demonstrative Example for Computer Experiments

XIII.1-04 (Kazeem A. Osuolale, Waheed B. Yahya, Babatunde L. Adeleke) Construction of Orthogonal Array-based Latin Hypercube Designs for Deterministic Computer Experiments

XIII.2-03 (K. A. Dauda, W. B. Yahya, A. W. Banjoko) Survival Analysis with Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines using Cox-Snell Residual

(A. W. Banjoko, W. B. Yahya, M. K. Garba, O. R. Olaniran, K. A. Dauda, K. O. Olorede) Efficient Support Vector Machine Classification of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma and Follicular Lymphoma mRNA Tissue Samples

XIV.1-07 (Stephen G. Fashoto, Adekunle Adekoya, Jacob A. Gbadeyan, J. S. Sadiku, W.B. Yahya) Development of Improved K-Means Clustering for Health Insurance Claims

XIV.2-07 (O. R. Olaniran, S. F. Olaniran, W. B. Yahya, A. W. Banjoko, M. K. Garba, L. B. Amusa, N. F. Gatta) Improved Bayesian Feature Selection and Classification Methods using Bootstrap Prior Techniques

XIV.2-11 (L. B. Amusa, W. B. Yahya, A. O. Balogun) Data Mining of Nigerians’ Sentiments on the Administration of Federal Government of Nigeria

XV.2-01 (Kazeem A. Osuolale, Babatunde L. Adeleke, Waheed B. Yahya) An Enhanced Algorithm for Constructing Optimal Space-Filling Designs using Hadamard Matrices of Orders 4λ and 8λ

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